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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 6 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.04b DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: Yes, v0.11 for 6.2.3 by IG-88 - Installation type: BAREMETAL - J4105-ITX + 8GB RAM - Additional comment: I was scared to do the update because I hadn't seen any clear instructions on how to do it but it was very easy. I manually downloaded the update and I installed it and the system rebooted and came back up fine. To get hw transcoding back I shut down the machine and moved the USB drive to my laptop and copied over the 2 extra files and that was it. I put the USB drive back into the computer and booted it up and it's good2go!
  2. Yh, but does it work is alls I'm asking. That's the only reason j4105 users haven't updated to 6.2.2 as you know. Those that don't care about hw transcoding have updated though so I'm just curious if this will allow that to work.
  3. HW transcoding is working with just juns 1.04b loader and 6.2.2 after flashing the Mac?
  4. I'm gonna give it a whirl later when I get home.
  5. I have the asrock j4105. Do you think this will work in my case as well? Would I flash the Mac while still using 6.2.1 then update to 6.2.2?
  6. From what has been said, no one has gotten hw transcoding to work with this mobo/cpu combo. I have the same board and am anxious to get it working.
  7. Removing the file helps mostly but I sometimes get the 60-90 seconds of blocky decoding when starting hw transcoding. I ended up reverting to the version in the package center. Hoping they iron out a fix soon!
  8. Just an update... HW Transcoding works but it sometimes has a problem at the start of the transcode where the image is very blocky for about a minute then it gets back to normal. It doesn't affect me much as I usually direct stream around the house but I recently started sharing my plex server with my brother in another state and I know it's gonna bother him/his family so I went back to the plex version in the package center.
  9. I fixed it! Using info from this post. After removing that file I stopped and restarted the server and all is well now. Hope this helps someone!
  10. Yes. HW transcoding works with plex version from the package center (1.16) but with the latest version from plex's site (1.18.2 & 1.18.3) HW transcoding tries to work but all I get is audio and a frozen picture. Are you using any additional or modified files with the loader?
  11. Yes, lifetime plex pass. Is there any bios setting I may need to set or something? The only thing I changed in the bios is to power back on it power is ever lost.
  12. @darkknigt So I've done my bare metal setup and hw transcoding seems to be enabled but I am having issues with the new plex server versions. Both the beta and the newest release version from plex's site don't hw transcode, they just get stuck at the playback screen when transcoding is attempted but when I install the plex version from the package center hw transcoding works fine. Have you encountered this problem? What plex server version are you running?