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  1. Thank you for your response. I've tried that already but the same result. Just want to know if this is caused by incorrect MAC or this is not the reason?
  2. Hi guys! Did someone manage to install Xpenology on ASUSTOR NAS? I downloaded firmware and img, prepeared grub.cfg for my USB Flash drive, generated SN and MAC, filled it to grub as well. The only thing that real physical MAC address of my NAS is different. I didn't find a way how to generate SN for my real MAC or how to replace physical MAC on my NAS ( Whet I boot from USB Flash I can find Synology server and installation is performed as expected, but after restart Synology server is not staring, ping to it's IP is not performing, and Synology Assistant do not see it as well. Tried another DSM version with the same result. Is there any workaround for cases like mine? Thank you!