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  1. Thanks for the info flyride. Am new to ESXi too and am learning. The first VM i will have will be the xlenology. Am planning to build a homelab server(more so workstation) with parts that i already have - msi z170 sli plus mobo with 6 SATA ports, core i7-7700k and 32GB memory. I have been researching on running xpenology and many articles suggested i use RDM and hence i asked. when you say i need to pass through the sata controller, can i ise the onboard one or i will have to add another pci-e based controller to achieve it? Is there any guide or documentation that i can refer to a
  2. Hello, Longtime user of Synology but new to XPEnology. I currently have DS412+ and has been running without any issues for about 7 years now. Since it is reaching EOL with no updates after DSM 7, I am planning to build out xpenology as a hyperbackup destination until I buy another synology unit. Am planning to install xpenology on ESXi with RDM to 4 * 8TB WD Red drives. I will be using SHR configuration. My question is, How easy is it to move the drives from esxi to synology at a later date. Is it similar to NAS to NAS migration (remove and insert the drives)