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  1. I give up sovling the hardware transcoding finally,thanks all for your support and expecting a new to solve this problem later.
  2. Understood, may be I will try it this week. Hopefully jellyfin will work. 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  3. Should I buy emby premium to enable hardware transcoding? 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  4. logs as below, maybe in the incorrect sequence.
  5. In the first try,yes. After open jellyfin,reopen the same file,no. 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  6. Even if I enable what you said, the resault remains. 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  7. I have done the same. What is your ds version? Must use 6.2.1,not above. 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  8. Yes 通过我的 Redmi Note 7 上的 Tapatalk发言
  9. additional info as below: 1、monitor plugged out all the time。 2、I used real SN&MAC with the right type DS918+。 3、For I am busy for the next month ,I will figure out wether I have time to reinstall and test,for testing J3455 as above 1-15 took too much time 。 4、any other member who has the same mainboard can also test it as what I did。 And feedback to x01015918。 5、I remember may be I have some printscreen in my chat software,maybe I can post it tonight 20:00,in +8:00 time zone local time。 And after all ,thanks for your support for everyone ,@x01015918。
  10. 1、 Hardware:ASRock J3455-itx synology:DS918+ 6.2.1 23824 loader:jun's1.04b, extarlzma:x01015918's extra.lzma 2、 grub.cfg added: set common_args_918='syno_hdd_powerup_seq=1 HddHotplug=0 syno_hw_version=DS918+ vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevator quiet syno_hdd_detect=0 syno_port_thaw=1 video=eDP:d video=DP-1:d video=HDMI-A-1:d video=HDMI-A-2 :d' 3、 completely new install 4、ls /dev/dri card0 controlD64 renderD128 5、cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_frequency_info it can list i915 inf
  11. could you please post a tutorial with firmware for J3455 HW transcoding? I tried many time and failed。
  12. can asrock J3455 do the same? I tried many times, but failed.
  13. Mark. I have the same problem. And it seems that J3455 can not hardware transecoding。 I am trying to find out why。 By the way does 916+ firmware support hardware transcoding?