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  1. That is a good idea, I have marked what number the drives are according to their serial number, but have not marked which SATA port on the motherboard they connect to, so I will definitely do that once the first part of the backup has completed. Pity I just sold an old working Q9300 CPU with motherboard, graphics card and 8GB RAM the other day. Such is life I guess. Thanks again.
  2. Oh wow, this is really good advice. I really didn't think of these things, so I will definitely look at these options. If it looks like I need to replace the old Optiplex, is there a way to save the data or will I have to back it all up somehow? Thanks so much for your help and advice so far, I really appreciate it. Shy
  3. Thank you. I will definitely write down the serial number and I have also marked the disks inside the Dell, so I know which one to remove and check against the serial number. Getting lots of IO errors even though DSM says the disk is healthy.
  4. Thank you, I will try and back up what I can as it is 11TB and follow those instructions. Thanks again, appreciate your advice Shy
  5. Hello, First time post. I am running Xpenology on DSM 5.2 on an old Dell Optiplex 755 Tower. Just recently, I noticed that watching any movies from the server were constantly pausing and buffering. One of the drives was reporting a number of IO errors and I did some network speed tests and I think this drive is causing the issue. I have bought another drive to replace the one I think is causing the issue. Are there any steps I need to do first to replace the disk or can I just remove the faulty hard drive and insert the new one? I was trying to a