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  1. Is this tools still valid. I am building a new box (Old Xpenology is on 4.x). Look like this guide would be the quickest to build my 6.2 box. If someone can provide a valid link it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  2. Hello I have a UnRaid and a XPE. The XPE is the new box thanks to this forum. I have copied all the files from my UnRAID to XPE (10TB). All is well with UnRAID and Synology. Now I would like to sync particular folders from XPE to UnRAID, AUTOMATICALLY. I will mainly be copying files to XPE and hoepfully there is some "easy" mechanism to automatically sync the folders between XPE to UnRAID on a weekly basis. I installed and used the rsync.conf file found on UnRaid forums, but I do not know where to go from here. Again the XPE is master and UnRAID is the slave (BackUp only), only a one way sync. If anyone can provide me a step-by-step that would helpful. I am not a Liunx expert but can manage my way around. Thanks in advance for the help. Worst comes to worst I can convert the UnRAID Box to XPE (to use the Diskstation Sync function), however that would mean copying all the files back to UnRAID once I install XPE on the current UnRAID box. BTW I am using DSM 5.
  3. The last few comments makes Plex interesting. However I do not plan to share my video and view from the outside, but thank you enlightening me on the bigger picture.
  4. First of all thanks for all your input and apologize for the late input. My primary purpose is the serve up 4 XBMC clients. It looks like I do not need to add any plugins. I may do the PHP (MySQL), to have a central. For the one Plex capable TV, I may install the Plex plug-in. DLNA seems good to have as well as the (torrents, couchpatato etc...). I am running VPN thru my server. I upgraded to NanoBoot to be able to get the 5.x DSM, recognizes my 4TB HDD. I understand the HW is way overkill and I do not see my CPU get above 0%. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  5. All thank you very much for the help. The memory is Kingston KVR16E11K4 DDR3-1600 16 GB(1Gx72 ECC CL11 Server Memory Kit. "Are your disks full? If they are empty you can expext the speed to decrease a lot later..." -- the drives are completely empty. It is cerious that the speed will be slower later because I assumed this is some kind of RAID5 setup. "speed of HD, link aggregation, WOL, Hibernation..." I will try this out I do not think the SMC MB sever MB supports hibernation. It would nice to see if the drives spin down. "This sounds very slow - but not sure how to tweak XPE beyond mtu. Whats you'r array's read/write rate (dd)? -- do you know the dd command I can run from SSH to try? I have always stayed away from dd command due to erasing all the data. "Not sure that's (SSD Caching) available in 4.3" -- I see the option, hence wanted to try. "Is Beta 8 on v5 already or is it still 4.3 based as i believe? " -- No Beta8 is on 4.3. "But have fum storming the castle!" -- I wanted to beef up the system so if could do transcoding if needed. Again thanks for the insight. "I guess you should decide between Plex and XMBC, are'nt they providing the same service - Server video/audio?" -- My main purpose is to serve up XBMC data, only one of my TV's has Plex built in. "
  6. First of all, this is a great port. I am currently running a 8 drive unRAID and happy but do not want to fork out another $119 for a base product. For the past few days I have been fiddling around with Nas4Free, Ubuntu, SnapRAID, FreeNAS etc... and none of them were very easy to set-up or user-friendly. The new system I started to build: -- SMC X10SLM motherboard -- Xeon CPU V3. -- 16GB Memory -- 12X 4TB drives -- 2x Kingston 120GB SSD -- 16GB Sony USB for XPEnology. -- 3U server case -- 2x HBA controller Purpose: 1) Have two public folders for family 2) Serve 4 XBMC boxes 3) Fast transfer speeds read/writes. 4) Have a private folder for my data. 5) Data Protection Here are my questions: -- What "Apps" should I install to serve the XBMC? -- I have a TV which support Plex Media Server, what app should I install? -- The current transfer speed over a 1G network is ~60MB/s. Are there any tweaks to make it go faster? -- How do I set up the SSD for Caching. (I am a tech savvy so a link is fine) -- Any other "must have" of "fun"apps. -- Is there new user wiki or forum I should be searching? -- What is nanoboot and gnoBoot, do I need any of these. My system is up and running. I Current Status: Using a USB for system (boot) volume. I have the system up and running with the latest Beta 8 with 4x 4TB drives and 1 SSD. Looking to dig deeper/optimize... Thanks in advance for the help. ** New User so please excuse me of any errors.