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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanks for the information. Updated it and seems to be working fine:)
  2. DracoR

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I wanna update to dsm 6.1 with the latest loader but I got an AMD CPU. Now I checked for this C1E function in my UEFI but nothing is found. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have an ASRock motherboard and AMD-E350M1 (Onboard CPU). I do have cool and quiet mode, automatic mode (if i am not mistaken) and S6/C6 mode orsomething.
  3. DracoR

    Tutorial: DSM 6.x on Proxmox

    I am trying to setup Xpenology on Proxmox while I got the loader working properly now when trying to connect through Synology Assistant it never sees any hard disks. My main purpose is just to use several synology apps so all I need are virtual disks. But when I try to add a hard disk it never recognizes it during the install. Could anyone assist me with this on how I can get synology to see the virtual disks? (DS3517xs)
  4. When you select AMD the fist time it will remember your selection and consequently boot with the AMD entry line each time. You need to change your BIOS to AHCI else it will not work. No data wipe expected. Oke thanks everything worked out so far except that PhP 5.6 doesn't run anymore but will do some log digging later. edit: updated to update 4 and it works again. Has anyone got entware working? I had optware installed on DSM 5.2 and according to the entware-ng tutorial you need to do rm -rf /opt and then symlink it with the new /opt folder in entware-ng but it keeps saying it cannot remove /opt/ device or resource busy edit2: nvm /opt was still mounted fixed it.
  5. So just a question do I need to select the AMD option each time my xpenology boots or do I just need to do that the first time for the install? And my disk where on IDE what happens if I change it to AHCI? Data wipe?
  6. Change boot order in the BIOS? Since one of your 2TB disk still contain update 4 and your BIOS might redirected to that disk as primary boot device. Atleast this is only if you have installed the previous synology on one of those
  7. Hi, Cause of a mistake of mine (adding a disk to a existing disk but it got used as fault-tolerance<.<) my volume1 is degraded. Is there anyway to move the packages on volume1 to volume2? Or make a back-up of the databases/settings of the application?
  8. Reboot u NAS, and please try again After Update 4 system going to reboot and hangs at 'Post init'. Give a hard reboot and boot normal. NAS is started and two more files are updated. I've added this to the install tutorial. What do u mean with hard reboot? I Switched the NAS fully off and on even did a reboot afterwards. It remains hanging on "Post init" but its usable except it doesnt allow me to login on the machine physical with a SSH session I can. How long does it take before the login shows on the physical machine? Like ur picture or what do I do wrong?