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  1. Can you please upload again the download has gone Update FYI got the download working Instead of clicking download I clicked on import which opened a cloud like web page, right click on the file and select download and it downloaded.
  2. I also am unable to get it to work on the N40L but it works fine on the Revo using the same pat file. Its the last bug I need to get fixed My iPhone just states connection and then as soon as a connection is made it is terminated
  3. Hi I have installed from fresh and created volumes and my old problem has returned. After I have installed the VPN Server application the N40L then does not download any further packages from Synology, they just stay at 0% downloaded. Is there a fix for this? Thanks
  4. I know this sounds like a rubbish response but go to the first post and read through all the responses, as you work your way through you will find links to all the files and information on how to complete the tasks and install DSM. In short Flash modded BIOS and configure as guided Image your USB deviice with img file Connect to unit using Synology Assistant Apply modded pat file to install OS
  5. Hi I had a bit of a disaster and ended up reinstalling DSM on my N40L (wipe and reset factory defaults), long story However the DSM sees the 2 other HDD's but did not remount them and when attempting to create the volumes it wiped the drives (thankfully I have it all backed up). So my question is: In the event of a failure (say primary HDD failure) can you reinstall the OS and remount the volumes you have on the other discs? If so how? If not then how would you get the data from the HDD's to load it back into DSM?? I'm hoping that there it was something that I missed.