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  1. My Xpenology is ASUS B250i , same TP-NG421 2.5G as you have ,DS918+ 6.2.3-25426 U2 , works OK both in baremetal and VM, extra drive 0.13.3
  2. Here I mean PVE version , the DSM version is always DS918+ 6.23 Yes, I'm using PCIe pass through, as I said , I also used a RTL8125B 2.5G NIC , that NIC passing thorugh works just fine with DSM6.23 VM . I also have a intel Gigabit NIC card and it work fine, too. Intel X550-t1 10G NIC also works. Only AQC107 and AQC108 I found the " restart VM" issue
  3. Sorry, IG-88, another multi G NIC issue need bother you : I have an AQC-107 10G NIC (ASUS brand) and an AQC-108 5G NIC , they both work perfect in my baremetal machince( ASUS B250I or Giga B365M MATX), but when I use it in a VM with your 0.13.3 ext driver , it can always work OK when I start the DSM6.23 VM first time after boot , however , when I shut-off the DSM 6.23 VM and restart , the NIC 's driver seems go wrong and can't obtain an IP. I tried to add another virtula NIC like E1000E, I can get into SYNO's manage page , I can see the AQC NIC in the network list, but the DHCP area
  4. I have intel x550-t1 10G NIC which works perfertly , however 10G NIC's power comsumpiton is a bit high. I use MS04 case with 4 HDD bay WD Red 3T and RAID5 in DS918+ VM , 10G is kind of overshot while 2.5G is matching on disk speed wise with only PCIe x 1 needed , the whole idle power dropped from 30W to 24W without performance loss. It seems Intel made some mistake on it's own 2.5G NIC with Gen10 CPU/MB. so most of MB venders provide RTL8125 2.5G NIC instead of intel's on Z490/B460 MB.
  5. You are light speed! The new version works just fine on my PVE VM , SMB speed can sustain on 250+MB/s Thanks for the brilliant work! Will this driver also in 6.22 DS918 and DS3617 ?
  6. Thanks for the quick fixing! However , with the new 13.1 version for DS918+ , I can't boot with the RTL8125 NIC only , after adding an E1000 virtual NIC , DSM can boot , but only E1000 NIC get the IP address , while for RTL8125 I can see the rate is 2500M in DSM , but no IP address assigned , if I mannually assign the IP address , the address won't work with the management page or SMB . Reinstall DSM 6.23 get the same result Then I changed to DS3617 version 11.1 drive, same result: I can't boot with RTL8125 standalone , adding E1000 can boot and see the RTL8125 in DSM , but no I
  7. Platform: ASUS strix B250 ITX, i3 8100T, 16G RAM PVE v6.2 , 1.04b boot loader for 6.2.3-25426 virtualized physical passthrough TPlink 2.5G NIC ( RTL8125 chip) I saw RTL8125 is in supported driver list , but I'd no way to recongize my 2.5G NIC when boot with another NIC (virutalized E1000E NIC ) I checked /usr/lib/modules/update/*, there is no r8125.ko Is there a typo for r8152 ? Since a lot of Intel 10th gen CPU MB will use 2.5G NIC and mainly use rtl8125 chip , could rtl8125 also support in future ?
  8. BTW: the then flush writen cache procedure is extremely long, from DSM you can see it is only 10MBytes/s write speed to your volume But I think that's all offical DSM behavior ,first of all , we have a Nvme Cache version Xpenology ! Thanks to @The Chief @flyride !Cheers and merry Christmas!
  9. My steup is Gigabyte B365M Auros with E3-1235Lv5 CPU, 8GB DDR4, intel X550 10Gb LAN .The volume1 is a WD6002FRYZ 6T HDD, with two Toshiba RC500 250GB NVme SDD as Read-Write cache. Below is the write speed with cache on ( not skip continue I/O): First snap is large file (30+ GB) write test and the second is hundreds of JPG and RAW image. The little problem is it seems DSM TRIMility is poor , after several write tests ( 60+ GB data), the write cached speed dropped to 300MB/s round , and need wait a long time ( days) to recover the full 10Gb speed . In Win10 OS, these Toshi
  10. I've marked this post for two months and my NVMe SDD ( intel 760P)are waiting, do we have any conclusion on using NVme Cache on Xpenology ?