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  1. Hello, mayby a noob question, but what are commands on Xpenology in putty? I try to install Hassio - Home Assistant, but the commands don't work, is that because i have Xpenology? or are the commands different in Xpenology? I try this too install, but at the SSH i can get futher.
  2. Do i need a HP NC360T? or can the intern nic work just fine?
  3. Thanks for this answer! Maybe for the future, what are the requirements to run 918+ xpenology?
  4. Hello, i need some help this is my first time to build a Xpenology, i have all ready download files, but i got stuck on the s/n and mac, i like too have 918+ but it seams too be a problem to get a s/n and the mac,why is that? For what i understand is that 918+ already have shr in it.