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  1. Hi Aigor, Item fixed, all works. Samba transfer rate up to 60Mb/s Thanks so much
  2. HP N40L BIOS modded use win32diskimager-binary06 generate bootable USB microserver-dsm-4.2.img and synoboot_microserver.img does note work
  3. Hi, why not? but you have to editing grub.conf in boot-image to change macaddress, if you use the same image used for first one, the second one get the same mac-address of the first one, so, your network doesent work. Hi, For the first NAS, do i need to edit the macaddress? Regards
  4. I know this sounds like a rubbish response but go to the first post and read through all the responses, as you work your way through you will find links to all the files and information on how to complete the tasks and install DSM. In short Flash modded BIOS and configure as guided Image your USB deviice with img file Connect to unit using Synology Assistant Apply modded pat file to install OS Hi spv4u, Thanks your reply. Actually I know steps to mod it. I find there are many IMG and pat file. Most of success story are installed with PC motherboard. Few are targeted to N40L. I also find many post say the DSM 4.1 support more hardware. All of them make me confused. Sorry for my question.
  5. Hi, I have a N40L, how can I build a DSM 4.2 build 3202. Thanks