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  1. Yes, I admit. I am an idiot. I attempted an automatic update of DSM 7.0 and it failed and now I am locked out of my data. My installation is a virtual machine of Xpenology using the Redpill loader. The VM management software is Proxmox 7.2. The VM pretends to be a DS918+. It has one disk virtual disk (a partition off the SSD) that it boots off and contains the apps (Volume1), and one physical spinning harddrive that contains all data (Volume2). It is possible to boot the VM and find.synology.com will find the machine but says it is empty. Unfortunately, I have some data on that machine that I would like to recover if possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I have now purchased a N54L and installed XPEnology/Nanoboot 5.0-4493 on it. And WOW, this thing is fast! On AFP (Apple File Protocol) transfers, I get 100 MB/s read/write, which means that I am saturating the 1Gb/s Ethernet interface. I never expected it to be THAT fast... And running Plex on it also works really great. I am glad I found out about XPEnology! Thanks to everyone that has made this possible!
  3. Hi fellow XPEnologists! I am currently an owner of a Synology Diskstation DS411 running DSM 5.0, of which I am very happy. However, as I am getting a new fast fiber-connection to my home, I would like to upgrade to something that can serve web-pages such as Wordpress and PhotoStation a lot faster than the single-core ARM CPU of the DS411 can acheive. Looking at the various DS models available, I've come to the conclusion that you would have to pay A LOT to get a 4-bay DS with an x86 CPU (which I think is what is needed). Therefore, I stumbled upon XPEnology and saw that it can run an a HP Proliant N54L which is less than half the price of a, say DS413+. Also, I think it is slightly more powerful. Right? Before embarking on this route, I would like to ask you with experience with XPEnology a couple of questions: Will a HP N54L running XPEnology have all the functionality that my current DS411 with DSM 5.0 has? Am I right assuming that the HP will be a lot faster serving web-pages, such as Wordpress and PhotoStation, than my DS411? How would I go about transferring the content of my DS411 to the new HP? What do I need to be aware of, before embarking on this route? Thanks for any help you can get me! Hans-Göran Puke, Sweden
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