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  1. Thanks, I have now purchased a N54L and installed XPEnology/Nanoboot 5.0-4493 on it. And WOW, this thing is fast! On AFP (Apple File Protocol) transfers, I get 100 MB/s read/write, which means that I am saturating the 1Gb/s Ethernet interface. I never expected it to be THAT fast... And running Plex on it also works really great. I am glad I found out about XPEnology! Thanks to everyone that has made this possible!
  2. Hi fellow XPEnologists! I am currently an owner of a Synology Diskstation DS411 running DSM 5.0, of which I am very happy. However, as I am getting a new fast fiber-connection to my home, I would like to upgrade to something that can serve web-pages such as Wordpress and PhotoStation a lot faster than the single-core ARM CPU of the DS411 can acheive. Looking at the various DS models available, I've come to the conclusion that you would have to pay A LOT to get a 4-bay DS with an x86 CPU (which I think is what is needed). Therefore, I stumbled upon XPEnology and saw that it can run an a HP Proliant N54L which is less than half the price of a, say DS413+. Also, I think it is slightly more powerful. Right? Before embarking on this route, I would like to ask you with experience with XPEnology a couple of questions: Will a HP N54L running XPEnology have all the functionality that my current DS411 with DSM 5.0 has? Am I right assuming that the HP will be a lot faster serving web-pages, such as Wordpress and PhotoStation, than my DS411? How would I go about transferring the content of my DS411 to the new HP? What do I need to be aware of, before embarking on this route? Thanks for any help you can get me! Hans-Göran Puke, Sweden
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