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  1. Is it possible to use the pat file from a different synology nas? I am looking to use the deep sleep/system hibernation function which the DS413 has.
  2. Mitt27

    How to update existing DSM

    Has anybody tried to upgrade to 5 beta from 4.2?
  3. that just gives me the stock mac address that my synology was setup with.
  4. How do I find my real MAC Address?
  5. Mitt27

    system login error

    Hi Schnapps, I receive this message when attempting to login to the nas via my iphone or through my laptop. Thanks
  6. Mitt27

    system login error

    nobody have any ideas??
  7. Mitt27

    system login error

    hi, u have a custom build running 3612xs 3202 and I am wondering if anybody else receives the following after the system has been up over 1 day: login_error_system_not_ready thanks matt
  8. Mitt27

    [SOLVED] DSM 4.2 3202 Hibernate Issue

    Yes. Try to enable the COM-port in the motherboard BIOS. It's solved my problem. Thanks for that, unfortunate my motherboard doesn't have a COM port, I have the biostar A68i-350
  9. Mitt27

    [SOLVED] DSM 4.2 3202 Hibernate Issue

    Does that affect your disk hibernation?
  10. Hi, I have been running with the 3202 build for a few weeks now but I am still receiving issues due to the following mentioned in the messages file. console: TCGETS: Input/output error^M console: TCGETS: Input/output error^M Does anybody else have these issues or know how to resolve them? Thanks
  11. Hi, Is anybody able to help with the issue I am having which is stopping hibernation, within /var/log/messages I receive the following error over and over: May 21 22:46:08 getty[9875]: console: TCGETS: Input/output error^M Thanks
  12. Mitt27

    DSM 4.2 beta (3161) for RS3413xs+ Repack

    Does the package contain system hibernation do you know? it appears that only the DS213+ and DS413 include system hibernation alongside HDD hibernation.
  13. Mitt27

    Creating the ideal hardware

    But it's free with hp n40L you can use normal bios instead of modified bios and no hotswap il coming But the n40L's are no longer cheaper to buy as the £100 cashback offer has stopped making them £200+, hopefully they will offer the same cashback with the N54L..
  14. Mitt27

    Creating the ideal hardware

    if he were to build a unit from scratch why the need for hot swap bays? if it just going to be used as a home nas there really is no need..
  15. Does anybody have a work setup for this install? I am looking to buy new hardware but I am unsure what motherboard etc to buy (was looking for a 1 with pre installed cpu with low power usage) thanks