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  1. Can confirm it's working for me (at least shutdown): Proxmox 6.1-5, image 3615 + 1.03 loader, DSM 6.2.2
  2. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922-3 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM - Proxmox - Asus J1900 - Additional comments: VM reboot required
  3. All right, here's a tutorial for what worked for me. Proxmox version: 6.0-7 Proxmox hardware: Celeron J1900, Proxmox on an SSD, single SATA HDD (WDC). Loader used: Jun's loader 1.03b DSM software used: DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat First, patch Proxmox so it allows for e1000e network card selection: # make backup cp /usr/share/pve-manager/pvemanagerlib.js /usr/share/pve-manager/pvemanagerlib.js.dist # add e1000e sed -i 's/|e1000|/|e1000|e1000e|/' /usr/share/pve-manager/pvemanagerlib.js sed -i "/\['e1000', 'Intel E1000'\],/a \ ['e1000e', 'Intel e1000e'],
  4. Ah, of course I never understood why some forums block that. Anyway, success! Smooth as butter once correct options are set. Tomorrow I'll try to sum up exactly "the current state of Proxmox installation"
  5. Ah, indeed! Perhaps you can edit #177 to point out that pvedaemon needs to be restarted as well
  6. Seems that I just HAVE TO get stupid problems. I tried to enable e1000e selection as per @blessendor post (#177), and it doesn't work - when I try to select e1000e, I get: I also tried to just edit vmid.conf to include e1000e, but then the interface is not visible in VM at all. I tried googling a bit and seems like a generic JSON processing error, I have no idea where to look to fix this Any ideas?
  7. Hello all INTRO For the past few days I'm trying to install XPEnology on Proxmox 6.0-7 - my initial efforts are described here: Since then I read and read and read and this is a lot to process I'm looking for your help and advice to make sure I'm getting this right. I'm also relative n00b with Proxmox, although I like to think my Linux-fu is satisfactory. GOAL My platform is Celeron J1900, I want to pass through single SATA drive. I'd l
  8. Hello everyone, I really hope you can help me, I wasted quite some time on this already and seems I'm stuck. I have a Proxmox 6.0-7 server running on Gigabyte GA-J1900n-D3 mobo (Celeron J1900, 16 GB RAM, SATA SSD for OS and SATA HDD to be used for XPEnology). I have Jun's loader from: Prior to start, I'm adjusting MAC address in grub config (e, then F10 to start). It is reflected in messages log. My VM config is: args: -device 'ich9-usb-ehci1,id=usb-ctl-synoboot,addr=0x18' -drive 'id=usb-drv-synoboot,file=/var/lib/vz/images/synoboot.img