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  1. Found it. We can download any EOL packages from here... Download **-x86_64-4.3.3-4469.spk package. I am impressed with Synology service.
  2. I am running XPenology 6.2.3 (DS3617XS) on ESXI 6.7. It crashed so I had to reinstall it. Now I cannot download Cloud Station Server package on it. Does anyone have it? I do not want to use DS Drive Server because I cannot upload data from my Mobile app. Please let me know where can I download it from. Thanks in advance...!!!
  3. Is there any new loader that I can use directly for ESXI DS3617? I want to build new system directly with instead of upgrading it.
  4. *****Surprise When I was selecting 3rd VMWare/ESXI option during first boot, I was getting Hard-Drive not found error. Accidentally, while testing, I did not select option 3 so it selected, by default, option one - baremetal installation. DS3617XS is now working just fine on both of my SATA as well as NVMe drives.
  5. IG-88 Thanks for your help. Motherboard is ROG Maximus XI and SATA mode is AHCI. I do not have serial cable and tried to SSH into but no reply.
  6. Friends, I have Asus Z390 Motherboard, Intel i9-9900K CPU, 24GB RAM, ESXI 6.7 and trying to use DSM 3617XS. I have ESXI on SATA Drive and trying to install 3617XS and 3615XS (Loader 6.2.2 v1.03b) on same drive too. I am getting "Hard Drive Not Found" error and does not let me upload PAT file. HOWEVER, 918+ with v1.04b working just fine. What could be the reason behind 3617XS not working? How can I resolve it?
  7. I have installed 918+ with latest 1.04b loader on VirtualBox. Under SATA controller I have created One VDI with 20GB and second VDI with 500GB. I want to increase 20GB to 50GB. Is it possible to do it? If yes, how can I do it?