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  1. Thank you. 6.2-0002 works perfectly on my Odroid H2/Xpenology DS918+/DSM 6.2.1.
  2. I have established that my Odroid H2 runs DSM 6.1.7 on DS3615xs and DS3617xs; and DSM 6.2.1 on DS918+. None of them recognize an NVME SSD, as dealt with elsewhere. I'm sticking with the DS918+ as it's the only one of the three where Plex Media Server uses the processor's hardware transcoding.
  3. Thanks, Odroid H2 is good using modified 1.02b loader and DS3615xs DSM 6.1.7. DSM6.1.7 seems to be the last that runs on the H2, I have had no success at all with 1.03b (modified in the same way) and DSM6.2.
  4. I'll try that, although the only issue I have at the moment is that I can't make hardware transcoding work on Plex Media Server (I have downloaded the 64 bit version recommended on the plex forums). Thanks.
  5. Well that was fun, glad I found this place. No luck with the DS918+, turned out not possible to install 6.2.2 due to H2's NIC, but thanks to this forum I have got DS3617xs DSM 6.1.7 working really well Pretty sure I could now get DS918+ DSM6.1.7 running, maybe play another day. The DSM on the Odroid H2 is much snappier than my actual Syno DS418. Pretty sure I could now get DS918+ DSM6.1.7 running, maybe play another day. Now RSyncing some Plex Media Server libraries to new NAS, will see how that turns out in comparison.
  6. OK so I now have my Odroid H2 running DSM 6.1.7 for DS3617xs. Bootloaders earlier than 1.04b do not work on the H2, they just don't boot. 1.04b however does not work with earlier versions of DSM. So I used jhonny's trick of copying /EFI/BOOT/BOOTx64.EFI from 1.04b loader to 1.02b, and it booted (I didn't do the other changes till I had a loader that booted). With a few more tweaks to grub.cfg - setting VID, PID, MAC addresses for both ethernet ports and setting the number of net interfaces to 2, it not only booted, it went all the way through installing and running DSM
  7. I now have a very slightly better understanding of error 13. It occurs at the point when (after the storage has been formatted and DSM uploaded) DSM starts installing. A number of issues seem to give rise to it, amongst them wrong VID or PID, wrong MAC in grub.cfg and with 1.04b having SATA mode set to AHCI. Thanks to your advice (copying the EFI boot from 1.04b to 1.02b loader) I now have DSM 6.1.7 for a DS3617xs running on my Odroid-H2.
  8. OK thanks, I spent hours combing the forums. I did find two people claiming the H2 worked for them (but maybe earlier versions of DSM?) and I found a lot of contradictory stuff about Realtek NIC. But mine definitely don't work so I'll take your advice and report back.
  9. Hi, I have I believe installed DSM6.2.2 for a DS918+ on an Odroid H2 with loader 1.04b. The install appears to occur without error, from either Synology Assistant or the web interface. I believe it completes because (a) there's regular disk activity after the installation, and (b) if I remove the disc and look at it on another machine, it looks as if DSM is indeed there. I have used (a) genuine DS918+ S/No and MACs in the grub.cfg and (b) the hardware's own MACs and the S/No already in the file. In both cases, after the install and the mandatory 10 minute wait (how anno
  10. No I hadn't missed anything but after I changed a couple of BIOS settings (OS and SATA mode) I can now install DSM from Synology Assistant or from the web interface. But then, nothing. Both network ports stop working - green lights only, no orange, and it's just no on the network completely, as if the ethernet ports have died. If I remove the disc and reboot, all back. Wipe the disc, put it back in, re-install, same. I've used several discs and different .pat files. If I look at the discs, they look like I'd expect, with a partition for DSM and partitions for data. Com
  11. Sorry have just found tutorial maybe a step or two I missed...
  12. I have a Synology DS418. Nice machine but underpowered for use with Plex Media Server - great on audio, processor maxes out on video transcoding. Here because I bought an Odroid H2 to use as a standalone PMS server sucking data off the DS418, but the found xpenology so I'm seeing if I can make the H2 into a DS918+. Just for fun really, whether it stays like that will depend on whether I can make PMS use the hardware transcoding on the CPU when it's running DSM. If I get it running DSM.
  13. I'm trying to do exactly the same and I get error 13 at 56% through the install. If I try install throguh the Synology Assistant instead, I get "Server error.(Error Code:21) An error occurred duing installation" at the same 56% point. . I'm using loader 1.04b and I've tried various .pat files. I wonder if you (or anybody else) had got to the bottom of this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.