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    Witch one should i install?

    I've been trying to figure this out myself. It depends on what you want, the latest version or a stable version. I tested trantors 4.3 3827 beta8 and successfully installed and added update 2 on a gigabyte GA-M68M-S2 with an AMD E2350. The trantor is at least beta whereas gnoboot is alpha which I'm assuming is less stable? Although this is I guess largely down to the authors opinion on alpha/beta/ stable. I for one am not too keen on DSM 5.0 so will be aiming to stay with the latest stable version of 4.3. What I'm not sure of is if gnoboot 10.5 will work with any version of DSM 4.3 & 5.0. I think gnoboot can use vanilla DSM .pat file whereas trantor repacks/modifies his. Nanoboot is Chinese of unknown origin so I'm unsure of using that. Someone please chip in if any of the above is nonsense/wrong. It's just what I've picked up from these posts.