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  1. Sure, Idon't know how to edit the exist topic. Ca you update it for me? The libsynophoto-plugin-detection.so is extracted from previous version(1.2.1-0646) of Moments.
  2. You can copy the file to "/tmp/" folder with winscp. Then, login with ssh(putty), run: sudo cp /tmp/libsynophoto-plugin-detection.so /var/packages/SynologyMoments/target/usr/lib/libsynophoto-plugin-detection.so
  3. After upgraded to DSM 6.2.2 and moments 1.3.2, the face recognition is empty , and concept category only has child. I found thus shoud be a bug of photo detection plugin. So, there is the way to fix it: 1. enable SSH, and disable Moments. 2. replace /var/packages/SynologyMoments/target/usr/lib/libsynophoto-plugin-detection.so with my attachment. 3. enable Moments. (maybe need to reindex.) everything is fine. Enjoy~ libsynophoto-plugin-detection.so