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  1. Hello me again, I've got another microserver yesterday and tried to install xpenology on it via Jun loader. Tried 1.02b, 1.04b and 918+ pat and 3617xs pat with no success It worked for the first time but when I upload the pat the nas doesn't get an ip anymore and isn't reachable after that. Tired formatting all drives using Ubuntu livecd and wipefs but now the server doesn't get any ip even before the install.. EDIT: Just tried again with a fresh (newly bought USB Stick) with Loader 1.03b and 3617xs PAT 23739.. Same thing. After upload pat and rest
  2. After transferring all my files to the new NAS and restarting the old one the volume is back again and doesnt show up as crashed anymore
  3. Sorry was at work and didn't had enough time to write something useful. Before I executed the command docker was already gone in DSM when I looked at it today. Aswell as all the other packages I installed. All vanished. In package manager they all now show up as "Error". When I executed the command it was sucessful, but the volume still shows up as crashed
  4. Storage Pool Status: This worked. However after looking at my DSM today docker is gone all together.
  5. Output of: Output of (I'm still waiting for the HDDs to transfer my files thats why it shows 3 USB Drives) Docker in the package manager shows as error and the only option I have is to repair :S
  6. kern.log shows this, although I'm not able to look at the exact time it happen (it was around 13:07 since the synology sent me a message at that exact time) Woah this might be the issue! I have no idea what to make with this though. I only see that some exception in a C file has occured and a function name. Quick googling shows however after this error the BTRFS is going read-only. Also no idea why it says out of memory. It has 16GB of memory installed and the memory utilization was never higher than 60%
  7. Thanks, I'll try this as soon as the copy is finished. One thing though is that some files are indeed missing (show up as "? Unifi.syno.json" for example) and those cannot be copied aswell. But all of the missing files are just in the docker folder. Everything else is fine and can be successfully copied. This makes sense too since when the Volume crashed I updated some packages in the iobroker docker container. So it seems somehow docker fudged up its folder filesystem.
  8. Hmm okay. Can you tell me what I should check / execute via SSH when I'm finished copying my files? Btw strange thing is the docker folder shows empty in "File Station" but in WinSCP via SSH/SCP it does show and copy successfully
  9. Did it try to self-repair though? It didn't seem like it it just sent me an email "Volume crashed" and no self-repair failed message or anything like that.. The weird thing is the only thing that is showing any errors is the volume there are no protocols for the HDD for example. Btw backing up what I can with my limited HDD Space.. I'm probably going to lose 5TB of data now...
  10. So after updating some packages in my docker iobroker container I got a notification that my volume has crashed. This is weird since all HDDs show as normal but the volume shows crashed? EDIT: I can still access the files on there (I can see all folders etc) I also tried opening a mp4 file I have on there and it was playing fine. However becuase I am to afraid to break more I didn't check any other files only this one mp4... My first question is: how can this happen? What should I do now? Obviously I cannot transfer all
  11. Hmm that didnt work for me, ssh still not enabled and cannot login. I'm trying now to remove the first drive and try to boot it that way. EDIT: Removing the first (sda) drive results in a boot and I can log in
  12. Okay thanks, but when I cannot login in DSM, I wont be able to log in in SSH wont I?
  13. Running mdadm --detail /dev/md/2 on a ubuntu live CD shows 2 of the 3 Drives. Running mdadm --detail /dev/md0 (Synology System Partition) shows the third missing data disk, and the 2nd disk but is missing the first data disk. The whole system works with only with the 2nd volume disk (which is another SSD disk). Putting 1 or 2 of the data disks the login doesn't work. It doesnt find my user and the admin user is disabled for some reason. Putting all 3 in there the web ui doesn't work at all. This started after a period of not using the NAS and hav