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  1. I have HDDs. I have 4x 3TBs, 6x 6TBs and 2x 4TBs. Right now my 4x 3TBs are in a box running FreeNAS. I have 2x 6TBs and 2x 4TBs in my 2nd ESXi server and mounted the drives as RDM directly to the DSM virtual. I have my oth 6TBs in an old machine that need to be backed up before I wipe them and add to my DS1819+ that arrives today. I am debating on getting the NVMe PCIe card. This is my home setup, so I don't need nor will I really use that speed. I run 2x ESXi servers on a Cisco 3750G. I am thinking about upgrading my switch to a 3750X next instead. My servers are Super
  2. I broke down and bought the DS1819+. It arrives tomorrow. By using this virtual DSM, I decided on which NAS solution I wanted from FreeNAS, UNRAID, and DSM. The DSM is much more robust and stable.
  3. Just to note, I am running the 3617xs, not the 3615xs or 918+.
  4. This is the view from within the ESXI. The comment above is from the the VCSA configuration view.
  5. This is how my HDDs are setup. The 1st one is the vmdk that you downloaded in the tutorial and uploaded onto the datastore. The 2nd - 7th are vmdks that I added for storage to be used within the virtual machine.
  6. The 2nd disk should be a datastore disk. This is one of the discs you will use in DSM as a volume. Yes, it will be formatted when you first install DSM. This is normal. It actually installs part of itself on the first working hdd that is available.
  7. Well, this is no good. Even with the DS3617xs, it still won't allow the synology hybrid RAID even though their website states that this model supports it..... ----edit---- I am wrong. This model doesn't support SHR.
  8. This is an APIPA address. I was able to figure out the issue. Since I migrated the ESXi server to a cluster, I cannot use the old network. I have to use the new network created on the DSwitch.
  9. I'm new on this part. Can you guide me exactly how the serial port should be configured? Do you output it to a text file or what? What's the typical settings for this device?
  10. By the way, I followed the intro guide here step by step and 3617xs doesn't work. It boots up, but there's no network connection detected. If anyone who has installed 3617xs on ESXi 6.7 can help, I would really appreciate this. I am trying to get 3617xs versus 3615xs since 3617xs supports the Synology Hybrid RAID and I have different HDDs to RDM mount and I cannot use all of them with 3615xs.