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  1. hi guys just some feed back : i'm with the beta8, and i've done the update 2 fix but with a little issue : i've done the tutorial once, but the fist time i was'nt able to download, maybe the system does it itself ! anyway i've followed the instruction, and at the end, during the update , the dsm send me a blank message with just "ok". and after the false update, the update screen on the dsm was like the tutorial, (i can download the update) So second attempt, and it was the one it was done perfectly ! Beta9 DSM 4.3-3827 update 2 here thanks again
  2. ok ! will do after the raid check ^^' thanks a lot for your updates and work !
  3. stupid question, but i'm gessing that the virus/trojan/mining and the heartbleed issues have been corrected with the beta 8 ? thanks