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  1. Thanks for the help. I look forward to the new version with eagerness, you are a genius!
  2. Hello @IG-88, are the r8168 drivers updated in the new v0.6 version or are they the same as in the jun version? Thank you!
  3. There has been no luck friend, even with the fan at maximum power and the system very very cool network cuts still occur. I only have to update drivers, but the matter really matters to me. I look forward to seeing if you get it soon, I will be attentive to your modified loader thread. Thanks for everything
  4. I used Linux until just a month ago and I didn't have this problem, which is why I decide that something fails me in DSM exclusively. It is not a problem of excessive severity, so I can wait a couple of weeks for you to build the new extra.Izma and try it, to see if I have more luck. At the moment I have activated the fan at maximum speed and I have removed the housing, in case it is a problem of cooling as you comment. Thank you very much for the help sir.
  5. Thanks for your answer @IG-88. I have tried other routers, both operator and neutral with different configurations, I have also tested half a dozen different cables and the same equipment with Ubuntu Server, where it has not given any problem or connection cut, so I decide that something is failing in DSM. My NIC is supposed to use r8168 controllers, which are natively included in jun's booth, so I don't understand where the problem may come from. Maybe I should try your extra.Izma? I think it is one of the few options that I have left, physically I have already checked everything possible and the problem does not come from there.
  6. Hello friends, I have a problem with the network connection. The connection is lost sometimes during the day, especially when there is intensive use of network traffic, although it also happens sometimes when nothing is used. I have DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 6 installed with jun's boot 1.04b, DS918 + on a Gigabyte GB-BLPD-5005 nuc (http://en.gigabyte.com/products/page/desktop_platform/gb-blpd-5005rev_10). It uses the Realtek RTL8111HS NIC. As I mentioned, the network connection is lost both in local and external network for a few seconds or minutes, and the Log Center shows the network loss as "[LAN 1] Link down" and "[LAN 1] Link up". Any idea why this problem can occur? I have verified that it is a DSM problem, since only the connection in DSM is lost and the network card does not give problems with a Linux distribution. I have also tried different routers, ports and cables for the network, getting the same result. Should I try some extra.izma to check if it is fixed? Thanks in advance and sorry if I do not express myself correctly in anything, my English is not very good and I have used a translator for some parts of the text.
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