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  1. Ok I have been through the Asrock AB350 Fatality board with an A8-9600 AMD processor and 20GB ram anything that references the AMD-V is off. but still stuck on the reserved ram issue. David
  2. ok thanks I will check that.
  3. Hi does anyone have an idea here as to what is wrong with the reserved ram issue after the change to the grub file?
  4. hi I was blacklisted. it isn't now. but when I made the original post and you and one other comments about the mod to the grub file. I could not reply. It would say I was blacklisted everytime. So that is why I wrote that. no need to get all high and might mate. I am a noobs run away from places like this when its all doom and gloom , read the rules.etc. I am reading the rules. which is why I added the line on the bottom for apologies.. But then I can't delete the post anyway as there was no option. Please have a little compassion for us noobs. I know you prob get zilions of dumb questions. but I am a legitimate user now and will do the correct thing. Kind regards
  5. So I follwed the advice from the forum to change the line in the grub file to fix the reserve ram issue. "Add disable_mtrr_trim to the set common_args_3615 line in grub.cfg file. That should give you the full 24GB." However after creating a new build image from the original and then adding this entry, I now get 9gb reserved and 6GB free. It hasn't released all the memory. And also now my memory is down from 24GB to 20GB even though on the other config usb, it was showing 24gb. Does anyone have any ideas please. and also please don't blacklist me again for asking a simple question. and yes my mistake. i have posted this in the wrong area. my apologies. do not know how to move it
  6. Hello. I am a freshie to this forum so be kind. I have an Xpenology system running using Juns 6.1 loader. The Nas is working well. However I have not been able to run any VMs on the NAS. It tells me there is not enough ram in the cluster. will only allow 1300mb to be allocated. and even if I do tht to the VM, it still fails to start. So I looked at my memory which is 20GB up from 12GB yesterday because I thought I had run out of ram. BBut to my surprise, there is 16GB allocated to reserve and almost nothing left to run VM. I had also wondered why my system was maxing out and running slow. IT is only a Basic AMD A8-9600 processor with Asrock Fatality K4 board, SSD M.2 drive. SSD drive, 3TB HDD. nothing special but no matte what I look at, there seems to be no way to change the amount of reserved ram. This is limiting performance obviously and VM's Could someone point me in the right direction please.