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  1. I just realized how difficult it is to find a PCIE 1x Intel NIC (my motherboard has just 1 PCIE1x slot) Even using an older DSM would still result in the 1.04 bootloader lacking the NIC driver using your extra.lzma on 1.04.. so I think I'm really out of options here.. No one else here using a J4105 or a J5005 who can confirm about the impossibility of having a working transcoding?
  2. I did as in the attached pic (renamed both extra and extra2) but it won't get an IP address. (missing realtek NIC driver?) Attached this time is also the serial log which shows some error. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help serial_boot.txt
  3. Sorry @real3x , but I'm a bit new on this.. so to clarify: I'm doing a a new install from scratch, so i have no /usr/lib/modules/update/ to remove. I'm working directly on Jun's Synoboot.img. So to recap, I have to remove both extra.lzma and extra2.lzma from synoboot.img , and the replace just extra.lzma with the one you made, right?
  4. Hello @real3x! After fixing my issues with RS232, I tried your extra.lzma Since this is a test system for me, instead of following the instructions I modified the 2nd partition of 1.04b image to include your extra.lzma instead of Jun's one (attached pic) and reinstalled from scratch.. should be the same thing, right? alas, still no /dev/dri and no /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf (Attached also the new DMESG, seems to have the same kernel panic?) Any idea? Many thanks! dmesg_real3x.txt
  5. I'll answer a couple of questions of mine: 1) You can change the baudrate, but it will be switched back to 115200 after Grub, so as @Polanskiman said, it is not worth to change it. 2) The problem lies NOT in the cables, but in the CTS/DSR lines, which I had *not* connected as usually (99% of the times) they're not needed. I switched to a full (9 pins connected) adapter and it worked at first try. Then I switched back to my arduino usb to serial, connected the missing pins and it worked too.. mistery solved Now I can finally try to figure out the remaining issues..
  6. I'll try to buy a different adapter then (the only doubt I have so far is that both the adapters I'm currently using are TX/RX only, and do not carry CTS/RTS data) .. but while we are at it.. why I should not change the baud rage in grub.cfg? Any undesired side-effect?
  7. I am experiencing the same problem. Now, while not being a guru, I'm not a newbie either.. I'm running Jun's 1.04b on an Asrock J4105-ITX, which has a physical COM connector. what I've tried so far: 115200bps, 8n1, no flow control. I tried two different USB adapter, an FDTI 232RL and a Prolific 2303. Same garbage. I modified grub.cfg (and re-flashed) to lower the baud rate to 38400: if serial --port=0x3F8 --speed=38400;then set has_serial=true terminal_input --append serial terminal_output --append serial else clear fi hoping tha
  8. @Real3x what do you mean by "with and without the jun's drivers"? You mean by not using extra.lzma? (Which seems embedded in 1.04b loader btw) Thanks!
  9. Hi @x01015918 Actually, yes, DMESG shows correctly both serial, model and MAC. [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: syno_hdd_powerup_seq=1 HddHotplug=0 syno_hw_version=DS918+ vender_format_version=2 console=ttyS0,115200n8 withefi elevator=elevator quiet syno_hdd_detect=0 syno_port_thaw=1 root=/dev/md0 sn=17C0PDN88xxxx mac1=00113287xxxx netif_num=1vid=0x0781 pid=0x5408 [ 0.000000] Power on seq num: 1 [ 0.000000] Synology Hardware Version: DS918+ [ 0.000000] Vender format version: 2 [ 0.000000] SYNO GPIO hdd detect pin: 0 [ 0.000000] Serial Number: 17C0PDN88xxxx [ 0.0
  10. Hi @Olegin I checked the SN and MAC and they were right (Even tho real DS918 has 2 nics, and I just used the MAC from the first nic) Just to play on the safe side tho, I just formatted both the USB key and the single sata ssd I had used for the test. Double-checked the grub.cfg and both the Serial and the MAC1 are correct (ie: same as phisical DS918+) set vid=0x0781 set pid=0x5408 set sn=17C0PDN88xxxx set mac1=00113287xxxx set rootdev=/dev/md0 (of corse in place of 'xxxx' are the relative values) yet, after a complete reinstall: admin@DS918:/$ ls /dev/dri ls: can
  11. Hi @sergelhr I also wrote to support (I got a J4105-ITX) but they did not provide me the same tool.. could you please share it? Many thanks!
  12. Hi Just installed 1.04b and DSM 6.22 (latest, it was automatically downloaded) on an Asrock J4105-ITX Worked at first try, thanks! The only doubt I have is that after enabling SSH, I checked /dev/dri ->Folder does not exist cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf ->File does not exist. I have used the MAC and S/N of a real DS918 btw, but my NIC S/N does not match the one in the config.. maybe this could be the problem?
  13. ...aaaanyways, Installed successfully on an Asrock J4105 ITX, works perfectly, but I have a question: After installing and the 10 minute countdown, DSM did not start successfully a couple of times. After that, it did start successfully all the successive times. Is this normal? (I tried connecting a VGA monitor, but apart from JUN's message about the happy hacking thing, nothing is displayed so I don't know what stopped DSM from booting)
  14. Hi I've found plenty of DS918+ serial pics, but using someone else's serial won't damage the original user? (ie: having two persons with the same serial won't lead to Syno banning one of them?)
  15. Thanks @jensmander for the wonderful tool! I'm new into Xpenology, and would want to try with bootloader 1.04b and DSM 6.22 I understand that it would be probably easier to start with bootloader 1.02b and DSM 6.17, but I'd like, for security reasons, to stay on the latest releases. In this regard.. any hope you'll update your tool in order to support DSN918+ SN generation ? Thanks!