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    HP DC7900

    Hi, i have try on a HP 8300 elite, same problem, white cursor blinking at top left! On many other computer no problem, motherboard asus (sabertooth) laptop eeepc and Acer it's boot fine with gnoboot. Somebody can send me a link for a version of nanoboot i've try 3 file .img and my dc7900 don't want to boot. The file is not big 16Mo and is name : NanoBoot-x86- Thanks in advance. And do you have a picture of the bios check sum error? Thanks
  2. Tofio

    HP DC7900

    Hi, Thanks for your reply, i found the nanoboot today but i don't know exactly how it works. Do you find any tuto for this or do you have one for me! I've just try to deploy the image with win32diskimager but with no luck. Does your DC 7800 a slim tower? Do you unplug de cdrom drive? Excuse for my poor english i'll do my best
  3. Tofio

    HP DC7900

    Hi, Since your last post, did you find any solution, i've exactly the same problem as you! Thanks for your reply