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  1. Hello, Recently built a server to use with plex. I used the xpenology jun file DS3615xs 5.2.5565.1. Server worked great for a while. I used an older Intel Xenon x3370 processor 8gb of ddr3 ram and an XFX 680i Motherboard, stuff I had around the house. Recently, server started to load movies slow and the plex application worked, but just slowed down. I have 8tb of hard drive space on the server. I shut it down today and when I attempted to boot again into the usb drive, it would not accept the original password I used. Since, it's Linux based, I need to know if I need to reconfigure the entire server again? Maybe with a later version of the dsm software, as the system would not let me update. I'm a pretty quick study, but never finished my Linux education. Is there a way to resurrect this without loosing my movies? I can move them to another drive if I have to, since there are no additional files to loose. Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Building the server, has been a great experience for me, and much less expensive than buying a Synology NAS. Jesse.