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  1. Have you tried googling "566 SMTP limit exceeded" ?
  2. My impression was that if you change it in grub it gets overwritten in synoinfo on boot?
  3. That card should work fine with both ports. Did you either, deactivate the built-in LAN on your motherboard or set netif_num to 3 in the grub.cfg?
  4. I agree, this seems quite identical to my situation. One thing i am curious about - On the DS918+ in grub.cfg it has the arguments: syno_hdd_powerup_seq=1 HddHotplug=0 syno_hdd_detect=0 While on the 3615xs (Not sure about the 17) - these arguments are different, with the hdd_powerup_seq having the value 0, and the syno_hdd_detect seems to be missing. I havent been able to find any information about what this actually does. But I do find the situation a bit strange, and not very comforting - i still get a bit anxious if i have to tur
  5. Whats the difference between the that @merve04 references and the that @MiracleYueYue uses? Thanks
  6. I can second this about the drives - Had 3 drives puke with bad/reallocated sectors etc, bought from different stores and with different production dates so not just a bad batch. Keep in mind that these drives are on their 3rd revision now (I had the HDWN180, Then they changed to HDWG180 and now HDWG480) - So perhaps the newer revisions are better... But im staying away from those drives from now on i reckon. Looking at Amazon on the HDWN180 model, it has multiple reviews stating the same issues.
  7. English here, otherwise its the French section in the forum
  8. If im not mistaken, then the short answer is no - Synology/Xpenology doesnt have support for "external graphics" - As Synology boxes doesnt come with any video out options, there is no need for them to include the support for it.
  9. My apologies if this has been posted before, I looked but could not find anything. Taken from here: So overall not a whole news I think - basically they are reusing the 3617 with 10GBe support. I wish they would throw 10Gbit in their boxes - Most new consumer motherboards etc are starting to come with 2,5Gbit, so its a shame that Synology are dragging their feet on this i reckon.
  10. The error 13 - No idea if its the same issue/related, but I remember that selecting the "reinstall" option in Jun's loader and then attempting to install will throw the error 13 after uploading the image as well (while the normal option wont) Maybe worth looking into, but no idea, just a random thought
  11. Currently using a Fractal Design Node 804 which im pretty happy with, but there are room for improvements: 1.) When drive bays are mounted it leaves very little wiggle room for power/sata adapter - SFX power supply is recommended in my opinion. 2.) I'd like a overall better airflow although only so much could be done i suppose. 3.) I'd like a bit more options to route the cables through the case. I have bought, but not yet installed a 16port hot-swap Inter-Tech 3U 3414 case which im very much looking forward to taking in use:
  12. Haven't been much update from me as I havent gotten around to doing much yet, I have a new Inter-Tech 3U case coming soon, along with a new HBA card and new psu. Havent exactly laid a plan yet, but I think i'll go ahead and split up the volume so that i have a volume with the WD red's and one with the Toshiba's, this way i can run pure raid5 or 6, the only problem is that i have to temporarily find a place to dump 30TB of data, ill probably purchase som external drives as a temp location, I'll probably also move as many drives as I can onto the onboard SATA. The new h