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  1. @mattail np, let us know how it turns out Quoting myself as it got buried a bit
  2. How is your system configured? Disk setup? JBOD, RAID0-5, SHR1-2? If you are using a setup with disk redundancy, the far easiest would be (in my opinion) to just pull a disk out, insert a new one and repairing/expanding with the new disk.
  3. @mattail I did get transcoding to work yes, it did take a few attempts with combinations of serial/mac and reinstallations as follows - but that was as much me wanting to learn what triggered what in the installation process. So yeah its working and you just need to INSTALL it with a valid SN/mac combination to have it working, i dont recommend changing it after installation. To be able to spoof it 100%, quickconnect Et al. - you need to install it with a REAL sn/mac, but this is a bit unethical so not recommended on the forum. {"success":true,"activated_codec": ["h264_dec","h264_enc","mpeg4part2_dec","hevc_dec","aac_dec","aac_enc","vc1_dec","vc1_enc"],"token":"token"} I also noticed that the codecs in the activated list seem to appear as files are converted. So in my case it started by only showing h264_dec","h264_enc, then i downloaded a test WMV (VC1) codec file, uploaded that to Photostation, waited until it was converted and then "vc1_dec","vc1_enc" was added to the list as well. I hope this helps you
  4. I notice its a dual-chipset card: 88SE9215 chip and the ASM109X - I think thats the issue, i recently had a similar issue although with a different card and had to purchase a different one. Reading other subjects on this, It seems more important that its a single-chipset more than anything.
  5. @bearcat Well to be honest, i didnt really try sending "Magic Packets" as such. My previous setup was a genuine DS413j, that would wake from sleep automatically when/if i tried to access it either via Web (Both LAN/WAN), via DLNA or via CIFS, so no specific magic packet was needed? I was under the impression that i could get the new Xpenology box to work the same way, maybe this is not the case? While i have you here - is the general consensus that NVME on Baremetal xpenology installation is no-go? I have 2xNVME slots installed in the motherboard, they are seem by bios and i suppose by the OS, but i get this in /var/log/messages: 2019-08-17T18:25:08+02:00 DiskStation synostoraged: nvme_dev_port_check.c:29 Failed to get slot informtion of nvme0n1 2019-08-17T18:25:08+02:00 DiskStation synostoraged: nvme_dev_port_check.c:29 Failed to get slot informtion of nvme1n1 Is there any way to fix it?
  6. Err, to specify, when i say real i men cloned from a DS918 - So 2 spoofed IP's in grub.cfg
  7. @bearcat I have 2 real MAC's specified in the grug config. It seems to only be applied to one though, the second one is seem with its original mac. So as i see it, i have 1 spoofed NIC and 1 non-spoofed. I tried hitting it on both internal ip's but none of the NIC's made it wake up.
  8. Everything is now working as intended, except for WOL - It wont seem to wake-up when it goes to sleep.. Anyone else had issues with this? It's enabled on both NIC's in DSM
  9. Yep topic can be closed So word of warning: do not purchase this controller: This instead will work perfectly:
  10. Problem is resolved, it was the controller in question. Purchased a different one which arrived today, and now all drives are recognized.
  11. In order to be able to 100% spoof a real 918.. Does one need to burn a new MAC to the NIC? Is the loader MAC sufficient or does Synology license management look through it?
  12. I've tried sataportmap=64 and unfortunately this did not change anything, i've tried a few different combinations, including 4, 6, 62,64,642 but nothing has changed the outcome. The exact controller in question is this one from AlieExpress, its 4 port controller specified as AsMedia 1061 / 1093 i believe. It's this one. Also, thanks a bunch for replying
  13. Talking to myself for now, but providing a bit more info, again hoping for assistance. When i plug in the last drive, the 100MB config drive in DSM disappears, so when the last drive is plugged in i can not see the 100MB config drive (USB stick im guessing) - but it becomes visible when the drive is not plugged in. Edit: When i plug in the drives to any of the first 3 ports on the SATA controller the USB/Config drive disappears and i get the above errors, and the 2 drives are not visible - If i plug in a drive on the 4th port on the controller the USB/config drive remains visisble and the drive appears. My idea is that it has to do with the USB stick, and the 3 partitions it creates - my guess it then that the first 3 ports on the sata controller ends up unusable due to the usb taking their place.. But how to fix it? Does this point to anything?
  14. Bit more info. DMESG is showing this.