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    gnoboot & DSM 5.0-4482 - Experiences?

    First of all want to thank everyone for this awesome project! I do not use any virtual machine so all I did was on my homemade nas My setup: Disk 1 (very small in size) I keep the main DiskStation software and also it becomes volume 1 for my apps in use Any other Disks will become Volume 2 for data …anyways frustrated because the 4482 update. This is what I did: Made me a gnoboot-alpha10.5 boot drive and install DSM_DS211_4458 once finish I turn it off and replaced the usb boot drive with the NanoBoot- usb drive and installed the famous DSM_DS3612xs_4482 as explained by fma965. Everything working great so far and I even switch usb boot drives and works great with either one! Thank you so much guys.