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  1. Hi any update on this one? because I’m having a problem on my DS1511 unable to edit the SN and MAC when i edit cant find it the sn and mac
  2. @Olegin thank you so much
  3. @bearcat 1 - you have "destroyed" your working DS1511+ by overwriting it's factory bootdevice with one of Jun's modyfied bootloaders? - Yes that's correct 2. Now, you want to recover your system to working status, by reinstalling a factory bootloader? - Yes thats correct
  4. Yes an image of the original or same of juns loader. but i need same model 1511+ or same 5bay model. note: i try jun’s loader its work but i want similar what he done.
  5. hi jensmander thank you for your respond. but I need is .IMG copy so i can do reformat my internal HDD built-in to DS1511. i cant reformat using by .pat thats why im asking if anyone having clean copy of image thank you so much
  6. Hi Anyone have DS1511+ i need help if anyone of you have DSM Image i can install to my DS1511+ so i can re installed again please help thank you
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