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  1. Hi, I use win32diskimager too for deploy image to my usb key. The usb key is connected in front port and i can boot with this image. My bios version is 1.32 I don't have a cdrom in this machine. I have only two Hard drive. The model is : HP Compaq dc7800 format minitour convertible
  2. Hi, I have DC 7800 and i have same problem with gnoboot but with Nanoboot i can boot. I have problem with this configuration. When i shutdown DSM i have a bios error when the system rebbot. Bios parameters are reset.
  3. Hi, If i boot another OS and shutdown / reboot computer the bios settings are correct.But if i boot with gnoobot or nanoboot, my settings is reset. You can view in this Topic : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=519&hilit=bios+checksum users who have same problem but no solution. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a problem with an HP DC 7800. I test Nanoboot and dsm 5.0.4482. It works fine but after each reboot or shutdown, my bios is reset with default settings. Time is incorrect and i mean to hit F1 for save default settings to Bios. I have tested to enter a password in bios but the problem is still present. I have view issues with that in this forum. How can i resolve this problem ? Thanks PS: sorry for my English.