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  1. Good to know. It's almost impossible to find a t-series processor for a reasonable price, and even used 7th & 8th gen i5/i7s are going for almost as much as new 9th generation CPUs.
  2. Thanks for the advice! This is exactly the response I was looking for!
  3. My NAS is mainly going to serve as a Plex server while also spinning up a few docker containers. I thought about emulating the parts at closely as possible to a 918+/1019+ since I want to transcode 4k. Here are the options that I'm looking at and would really appreciate some feedback/recommendations... 1) Intel Gold 5400 - this seemed like the most reasonably priced Celeron processor. Would this be sufficient for transcoding 4k? 2) Intel Core i3-9100 - for $60 more, I'd get 2 more cores and more powerful graphics 3) Intel Core i7-4790k - this is what's in my current system. I was thinking I could just build a new pc, and use my current system as a NAS I'm thinking of going with the i3 because my current system (with the i7) runs perfectly fine for what I do, and the i3 will be able to transcode 4k while still being power efficient. Any recommendations for the motherboard? After reading through this thread, it seems like getting the SATA ports set up first is definitely the way to go, before building the volume/raid group. So I was thinking of going with a board with 6 SATA ports and getting an additional 4 through a card. What do y'all think? I don't mind tinkering, but I would very much prefer to go with hardware that works well "out of the box" if possible. I would actually prefer to run an AMD processor, but again, I would think it's easier to buy an Intel since that's why Synology uses. Thanks!