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    NEW ASRock Rack J1900D2Y

    Hi, I am also interested in the possibility of using this type of board. Contrary to what pcimile uselessly contributed. I currently have GA-GC230D board with 2 sata but only 100MB lan, I use one sata for my share and one defined as ext sata as a backup. That does me - 4gb is more than enough for my home network thanks pcimile. And anyhow with the pci-e port extra satas could be added if required. I find my file transfers are slow, don't know the reason - haven't really investigated - the whole nas was free with just bits lying around, it works so well that I thought one of these little boards might make it perfect. I have not found the board for sale anywhere yet, so no prices. But I found these: ... B00IW99S4A which are virtually the same motherboard - the prices seem pretty interesting. But I have no idea if xpenology would run on them... need a wiser man than me for that! Hope some info comes along soon...
  2. tomhanman

    Define internal sata disk as external

    Yes indeed discussed, never explained. I didn't ask for another link to another page I've already read that contains half an explanation that someone that is already a programmer would understand did I? In fact it seems fairly clear that you didn't read my postings, but simply the title, and decided that you'd tell me in a superior fashion that that had already been addressed. Well thanks. Anyhow, for others, my allocation explanations and process from my second post did indeed work. There is no issue with the enumerating order of drives - I can't understand how there could be. Sata ports are physically numbered, and indeed labelled on the mobo. So I now see one system drive with my shares on it, and one NTFS drive in the external devices section. I'm pretty damn pleased with myself, only its no eureka moment. When I go to set up backup location, I cannot select this external drive, it doesn't feature in the dropdown menu. Anyone any idea why not? Seems bleedin unfair!! Thanks. Edit: I had to enable the NTFS drive as a shared folder so that it appears in the list of possible destinations. Stupid system as I do not want my backups as a share obviously. But it worked - first backup completed just now and scheduled for every week. As far as speed goes, I don't have much data, but it backed up about 40gb in a few minutes, so not exactly sluggish. If anyone wants more details on how to go ahead, feel free to message.
  3. tomhanman

    Define internal sata disk as external

    An update: I've found out how to edit the two synoinfo.conf files (one active and one in defaults) using the vi editor in the ssh window when logged on as root (admin password). it is explained a little here: ... &start=300 Then the commands in vi and how to use them are here: The values in the two lines concerned are the following: esataportcfg="0xff000" which means Decimal: 1044480 Binary: 11111111000000000000 internalportcfg="0xfff" which means Decimal: 4095 Binary: 111111111111 Now having read viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6&p=2023#p2023 I'm thinking that the values define how many ports and which ones using the binary values as a list of ons and offs reading from right to left corresponding to the available sata ports. And hence these values are always mutually exclusive. So these default values state that the nas has 12 internal sata ports and 8 external. I need to change that to one of each... but not the same one - the first as internal and second as external. So if I want port 0 as internal and port 1 as external I have to in fact put the hexi value for 01 in internal and the hexi value for 10 in external... as follows: esataportcfg="0xA" internalportcfg="0x1" It probably won't work again, but I'll give it a go and report back. If anyone would like to chip and shout 'noooooooooooooo' before I go and break it again, go ahead!
  4. Hello, I'm running DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2 on an old gigabyte atom micro mobo. It has two sata ports. I've got two WD 1tb red drives on them. The first is my share, the second is NTFS formatted and I'd like to use it as a backup destination so that in the case of a problem with my share drive or nas hardware I can simply remove the backup drive and have full access to all files. I could install this backup drive in a USB enclosure and run it externally - but that would mean reduced power management and reduced speeds, as well as simply being a bit silly. What I want to do is define the second mobo sata connection as an external drive so that the synology (xpenology) can address it for backups in NTFS. I have seen references to modifying synoinfo.conf for similar uses, but whilst I can start putty and SSH into my xpeno, that is the limit of my abilities and I am instantly lost with the linux commands thereafter. Could anybody clever give a really comprehensive outline of what (if anything) I should do. Or just explain to me that what I want to do is impossible. Many thanks in advance Tom.
  5. tomhanman

    NTFS internal drive

    Hi ccris, Thanks, I have it as a mapped drive and as a network location. I can't do away with the wifi. Speeds seem to be okish now. dragging and dropping in windows to and from the network drive gives me about 8meg max transfers. Which is not stinging, but it works! Now I have to work out haw to set up access from outside the local network. my router doesn't seem to be compatible for auto setup, and I really don't understand much about udp tcp or the rest... nice sunday afternoon fun!
  6. tomhanman

    NTFS internal drive

    Hi, thanks for the suggestions. That posting lost me in the first line... so I thought best not to try! Instead I spent the night copying everything to five different drives, and back again after installing DSM. It is still copying. Uploading appears to be very slow, transfer seems to peak at 15MB/sec and fall to about 1MB/sec averaging at about 5MB/sec. Is this to be expected? (the pc uploading is powerful and connected with full signal to WIFI-N at 300, NAS is a GA-GC230D board with a 1.6Ghz single core Atom first generation proc, 2G ram, sata 3gb/s and 10/100 ethernet port passing through 10/100 router) This is just a test setup with what I had for free. Where is the bottleneck, and what do I need to improve for the next version... it is difficult to understand because nothing seems to be topping out - ram is supposedly at 6% proc at 36%. Cheers, Tom.
  7. tomhanman

    NTFS internal drive

    Yeah, thats the kind of info I've found in other places - educated guesses. Surely someone just knows for certain. I'd try it but I'm scared of losing data. Cheers.
  8. tomhanman

    NTFS internal drive

    Hello, sorry to be a bother, I have just built a nas on an old atom board I had. It works, and even now runs my ipcam. So thank you. It currently just has an 80G drive from a laptop in it plus the USB. I have a 500G NTFS format data drive in my shared drive full of music, films, docs backups etc. I don't have anywhere else to copy this media to in order to reformat the drive in a funny linux format. Can I simply plug the drive into one of the internal sata connections and share the drive in its current format? I did search for an answer to this question, but failed. I'm sorry if I missed something blatant. Please put me straight and I'll go away and leave you all in peace! Thanks, Tom.