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  1. I followed a similar procedure to get my system back up and running. My mobo had 8 SATA ports. I have 8 x 3 TB disks connected (RAID5, BTRFS). I was screwing around with the system and ended up bricking it trying to upgrade to the latest DSM. The steps I took are: 1. Shut down machine 2. Unplug all HDDs 3. Plug in a single 120GB SSD to sata port 1 4. Basically re-install DSM 6.1.7 (which is what I had before I started), get it to a working state 5. Shut down machine 6. Attach disks to ports 2-8 7. Boot up machine 8. The array was detected and online'd, but in a 'degraded' state. It also said it had a crashed system partition on it - which I repaired. (This is expected, beacuse I only plugged 7 of my 8 disks back in) 9. I hot-unpluged the 120GB SSD from step 3 and plugged in the last HDD - then initiated a RAID repair. Everything back up & running now but obviously I lost all settings, apps, app customization etc but this is really simple to recover from (just reinstall apps, the data is there already)
  2. LiamRetrams

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi Guys. I am trying to use this loader on a P8Z68-V Pro with i7 2600K CPU and 32GB of RAM. If I boot it in UEFI mode, the bootloader just hangs completely (the cursor doesn't even flash at all). If I try to boot it in Legacy mode, the cursor remains flashing, and I can see the NAS in the Synology Assistant, but when I install the firmware etc it just does not work (reboots, then it says no boot device). Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or where I can troubleshoot this?