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  1. Thanks jensmander, So I am using 5.1-5022 and I can see it went as high as 5055. Would I follow the same instructions you just gave me, find expenoboot for 5055 and patch it manually before then moving to to 6.2? According to this site,, I can jump straight to 5.2-5967, then 6.0.3-8754 and finally to 6.2. Thanks again!
  2. Hey Guys, hoping someone can help, I installed DSM 5.1 on my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver a few years ago and its been great. I used xpenology and have a USB memory stick that boots the OS succesfully. Lately it has become necessary for me to update so I can get the latest versions of Plex which is my primary use for the server. Are there any guides on how to do this? I see a nice guide for going from 5.2 to 6.2 but I am not sure how to go from 5.1 to 5.2, worried about losing my data and all that. I am tempted to install a new SSD boot drive and install Ubuntu Server instead as I can find guides on this but it would be so much more convenient to just update. Note I havent installed this on a virtual machine or anything, again I found a guide for that but it didnt seem to apply. Would it be as simple as just creating a new 5.2 boot disk and then updating through Synology Assistant or something? Any help massively appreciated