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  1. Thank you for this detailed answer, I also think it's a rights issue but i'm not understand why et how solve it... I tried with and without homes enabled users but it is similar, although I run the 'sed' command as root. If you sent me the contents of your /root folder do you think it could be work ?
  2. Hi to all and a big thank to the community for this work on the DSM, This is my first post so I have a trouble ! i'm french, so sorry for my poor english... The update 2 fails for me, so I dug a little and I would like you to give me some ideas that I have not tried. Of course after downloading the update 2 I launched the 'sed' command to adjust the autoupd@te.info file before finalizing the update and when I updated everything seems ok, the evidence : But after reboot the log shows 11 errors update corresponding to 11 packages of the update 2 : 'var/log/dpkg_upgrade.log' sho