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  1. Hello, I am trying to either get the system to mount or recover the data. My volume crashed with no system reboot or OS crash. I have looked through the forums and have performed some items with no success and I'm hoping someone can assist with the issues. I have gone through all the steps other than the repair command by following the info found in this thread Volume Crash after 4 months of stability . Below are the commands that I have run so far and I have attached a text file with the results since I kept getting an error when posting the results. fdisk -l cat /proc/mdstat cat /etc/fstab btrfs check /dev/md2 btrfs rescue super /dev/md2 btrfs insp dump-s -f /dev/md2 btrfs restore /dev/md2 /volumeUSB1/ Thanks in advance for any assistance. results log.txt
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