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  1. Hi! The -221 models are a significant enough difference from the -220 models that it likely they have their own specific installation procedure, if I had to guess. Unfortunately, the Xpenology forum search can be a bit useless at times. If you use Google instead and restrict the results to just xpenology.com: Link You'll find some results which may prove helpful. Threads I'd suggest focusing on: New Terramaster F2-221 Locked Bios Terramaster F5-221 no driver ? TerraMaster F2-221 Terramaster F5-221 NAS boots from one d
  2. Greetings and welcome! A few people earlier in the thread posted success without using the 12P to 15P cable, but as delavegagr mentions, it could be that your or their BIOS settings had already been changed. But it's YMMV. If you're not having success it's difficult to diagnose the issue without the 12P to 15P cable. Unfortunately the TerraMaster NAS devices can have issues booting directly to USB out of the box. Just as an FYI, you can use a VGA to HDMI converter with the 12P to 15P ribbon cable. I already owned one in my "bag of tric
  3. Hello and welcome! My apologies for not responding sooner. I thought I had added a "follow" to this topic, but it seems I did not! Since you did not quote one of my posts directly, I received no alert this time. I did make sure "follow" is marked on this thread now, so that should prevent his from happening again. Sorry about that! This is good. I assume you are confirming this via the VGA cable? arp is one of those really fickle kinda tools! It's essentially a cache of IPs and MACs you've previously resolved to. The o
  4. First, thank you VERY much for your reply, this thread, the many other threads you maintain, and of course for your contributions in general! In a previous post, I counted up at least 5 which I linked to. There may have been others. If it seemed I was implying there were 10s or 100s, I do apologize. it wasn't very difficult to miss at least 5 users over the span of about 2 months in this thread requesting a re-upload. If I were not one of those users I probably would not have noticed, either. It was a small number, but it was a frustrated few at
  5. Great advice. Thank you! And also another huge thank you to IG-88. It's worth repeating often!
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Regrettably, I think a lot of the specific conversation of this thread I am posting about has gotten lost. Because "any of those posts" are EXACTLY what the conversation I am having is about. So, if you're not seeing that by default, allow me to clarify. Here is the conversation as it should be read: If only spend time enough to read the bold parts, that's the conversation in a nutshell. The conversation you're arguing isn't contained in any of my posts. Sorry about that.
  7. That's a great option! Probably won't work for me, though. The indoor ambient here runs about 33 to 35.
  8. Thank you for your reply! I have - at various points in the testing - used the various versions of eudean's work that i could find. It made no difference. As I stated in the previous reply, the "fans even seem to be ramping up/down correctly, with no interaction on my part?". eudean's fancontrol made no bottom line difference in my particular situation. There's quite a bit of obstruction in an unaltered F4-220, including the plastic faceplate. I was thinking of removing some of the internal sheet metal/aluminum where I could, and then putting a 200mm hol
  9. Thanks for your reply! I don't mind criticism, but you seem to be arguing against a point I did not make, nor condone. If you read the replies: None of these, including my post, were asking for an update to the drivers. They were merely asking for a re-upload of the work already done. Some of the filedropper links were down for... months? Others may be requesting an update, but I wasn't. If there was some confusion there on your part or anyone else, I apologize.
  10. First, thank you for reply, and thank you for your contributions to this forum. They are appreciated! However... I always find it curious and a bit sad when someone assumes their needs and their requirements are the needs and requirements of others - or worse, of the needs and requirements of everyone. I may be misreading things a bit, but the statement "6.2.2 is dead" as a response to a request for re-upload or adding a mirror seems to follow that premise. It's also curious that - in the amount of time it took to draft and submit your reply - t
  11. After much testing of the various options and In the spirit of delavegagr's previous post, the following is what I used. Successful CLEAN installation of DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 on the F4-220. Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs (LINK) Driver extension 6.2.3 v0.11_test for Jun's Loader 1.03b/1.04b for DSM6.2.3 for 3615xs (LINK) Bios, "OS Selection" settings set to "Windows 7" (Bios version: GBTM1210 x64) VGA cable to select USB Stick from Boot options Steps utilized: First edit the GRUB file with VID,PID,MAC etc Second, mount the second partition
  12. I thank you again, Sir! You are quite awesome!
  13. As others mentioned in the thread delavegagr links to in the quote above, the download for the "Driver extension jun 1.03b/1.04b for DSM6.2.2 for 3615xs" is down. From reading that thread, it appears it has been for some time now. I searched that thread and checked online elsewhere (by the hash) for a mirror but could not find one. If someone could provide a viable "Driver extension jun 1.03b/1.04b for DSM6.2.2 for 3615xs" link for download, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  14. As others have mentioned, this URL is down. From reading the thread, it appears it has been for some time now. I searched this thread and checked online elsewhere (by the hash) for a mirror but could not find one. If someone could provide this file, I know I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure others would, too! Many thanks!