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    Install on QNAP TS-670?

    Thanks for the info and advice. I'm in the process of taking 2 of my 1TB EVO SSD's out of my QNAP and adding it to my ESX server and setting up DSM 5.0 to make sure this is what I really want
  2. thatdood

    Install on QNAP TS-670?

    Hello everyone, I just came across this thanks to a friend of mine. I've been thinking about selling my QNAP TS670 NAS because the software and apps tend to be buggy. QNAP is also a PITA when it comes to SSL certs and adding intermediates. That being said it's pretty rock solid hardware, running Intel i7 3770T with 16GB of RAM. Is it possible to install on QNAP?