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  1. It was the motherboard. I had spare mb with same socket and worked with 16gb.
  2. I lunched the nas again and iscsi worked for few seconds, then the connection droped again.
  3. i have Jun's DS3617 1.04b working on i3 530 and ddr 3 1333MHZ 2gb. I wanted to upgrade ram and changed the 2 1gb sticks with my main corsair dd3 8gb 2133mhz stick and system boots normally but xpenology won't boot. If i change back, nas works normaly. i changed timigs, xmp frequency, default bios. I get ip on second 10gb nic (melanox connect x-2) (dhcp on xpeonology)for 10-20s then nic drops connection and nas is unreachable, on main intel nic i have ip but wont see it or by main ip. Lp BlackPope