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  1. Glad you were able to get it working! Some people think that its easier to manage docker containers using Portainer, likely because they are used to it. Also, it is directly accessible through a web interface unlike DSM's docker.
  2. Try to make a symlink of just /var/run/docker.sock and mount the location of the GUI-accessible file to /var/run/docker.sock. What I ended up doing was to create a scheduled task that runs a script on reboot as root. The contents of the script (which symlinks the file): sudo ln -s /var/run/docker.sock /volume1/docker/docker.sock
  3. Have an Intel E3-1225 V5 Skylake processor and I've been trying to get hardware transcoding to work but have had no luck. /dev/dri exists. "cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf" returns: {"success":true,"activated_codec":["aac_enc","aac_dec","hevc_dec"],"token":"123456789abcde"} I'm not sure why it says there is only three supported codecs. Any suggestions?