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  1. I need the same advice. I am running a n45l running 4.3-3810 and would like to upgrade to 5.0. I think this may fix me issue where dsm will only negotiate LAN at 100mbps. Many thanks Dan
  2. djkay2637

    Update DSM. Should i do it?

    Ok thanks. Would this manual intervention require me to format my drives? I can't afford this to happen. There was a few applications that I wanted to try that wouldn't work on 4.3 thats all. Thanks again Dan
  3. djkay2637

    Update DSM. Should i do it?

    Hi Guys, I have been running XPEnology 4.3-3810 for quite a while now on my HP N54L and everything is great. DSM pops up asking me to update but i always decline in fear that it may not be compatible and or worse loose my data. What should i do? Is it OK to let the DSM auto update? I don't have 4tb of free space anywhere to make any real kind of full system backup and i don't want to risk it. Many thanks. Dan