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  1. It's the SATA card you are using that's preventing your drives from hibernating. I've found that some SATA expansion cards will allow the drives connected to them to hibernate but other's won't. Even cards that Trantor has added drivers for won't allow the drives to hibernate. Thanks for the replies, I spent ages tinkering but eventually found that it was Plex Media server that was saying hello to all and any DLNA clients once every 60seconds which was waking up the drives. I disabled plex and the drives are happily going to bed and not being woken up till I access them. The drives are working fine and I am on 10.92TB usable from 6x3TB drives on Raid 6. I have 4 drives connected to that raid card I just listed and the other 2 are connected to the onboard B75 chipset 3Gbit ports. The SSD with the Xpenology install is on the 6Gbit port on the B75 chipset but It doesnt really do anything (its a small 64GB SSD) I just ordered the UK equivalent of a Kill-A-Watt meter to have a look at the draw of this system when hibernating. If possible I would want to try to get it around 20-40watts - currently I have no idea what its using.
  2. Hi sorry for posting if this was already answered but I am running out of ideas on how to fix this. I am unable to get the drives to hibernate. I have tried disabling CIFS, Plex and some other services but they still refuse to hibernate. The USB drive connected will but the 4xWD 3TB drives will not. Any ideas on how to get them to spin down for a rest? The log says nothing was trying to access them and they have been set to 10minute hibernation. Is there a setting I am missing perhaps? They are connected to a B75 Chipset Mini ITX motherboard via this PCIE 4 port SATA. Lycom PE-120 AHCI SATA III-6Gbps http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360897609589? ... 1497.l2649
  3. thanks Trantor it works a treat! Very happy with it. Running on a G620 with 4GB ram. 4x3TB in raid 6 with space for 3 more in the system.
  4. could this be because I hadn't yet put a hard drive in the system for it to try to install on to? I thought the USB stick would be enough.
  5. Hi, I got up to Installation Progress: The synolgoy assistant found the Xpenology but cant install it. Step 1: Server error. (Error Code~: 38) If you are performing the installation through wireless network connection, please switch to Ethernet cable connection for both your Dissk Station and PC client and try again. 1. Applying network settings 2. ...