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    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Hi, Do you have Xpenology on your hardware directly? (None in VirtualBox or Vmware). Did you have issue with bios settings resetting before installed Advanced Power Manager for Synology DS? Thank's
  2. fire90

    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Hi, Yeah i saw about the bios resseting settings. Apparently, it's DSM when power off or reboot he reset the bios settings.... I didn't see any solution. Ok i will ask to in gnoboot site to add my network driver card. Thank's for your answear and you're right, amazing job around xpenology and DSM.
  3. fire90

    XPEnology gnoBoot

    Hi, i have gnoboot alpha 10.5 installed on my hardware (no Vmware) everything is fine except two fings : when i reboot the gnoboot or DSM, my hardware bios tell me bad CMOS and he can't boot on my usb stick i have to go in menu settings of the bios and select the boot on usb every time... i change the battery on the motherboard but nothing change. Secondly : gnoboot doesn't recognize my pci ethernet card. He see just my integrated ethernet card on motherboard. Do i have to add driver on gnoboot? How to do it? Thank's for your answear
  4. fire90

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Hi, i want to install xpenology on Vmware workstation. I did this : -create a new virtual machine -install knoppix, copy gnoboot-alpha10.5-ext2.img -reset the VM, select -choose gnoboot 5.0 - 4458 - Gnoboot has an Ip address, i started Synology Assistant and send DSM_DS3612xs_4458.pat - and when installation begins i have error 38 with telnet that not redirect to my host, but i have redirect the port 23 from my router to my VM. What's wrong ? Thank's for your answear.