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  1. iperf install on xpenology??

    Well, and how did you install it?
  2. Latest version of XPEnology?

    Last time I checked, XPEnology was a distro based on DSM.
  3. Latest version of XPEnology?

    I should never have to search for something as simple as the latest version. If I go to a site which cotains XPEnology, Im looking for that, not "XPEnoboot"
  4. Latest version of XPEnology?

    Im looking for the latest versión of XPEnology but I see topics made years ago so Im not sure if they are the latest versión.
  5. Where is the my.cnf file for MySQL?

    And how do you restart MySQL thru SSH?
  6. Hello Im driving myself almost crazy because Im looking for the my.cnf configuration file for the MySQL server in XPEnology and I cant seem to find it. Where is its default location on XPEnlogy or where does, from default, MySQL load its configuration? Thank you