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  1. Hello Toerag, Sorry for my late reply, but work has kept me busy without time for myself. I don't know if this is the solution for you, but see below. -MAKE SURE you have the last BIOS version for the DC7900!!!!!!!!!!!! (This was my problem since I had the one but last version, and needed the one from 2015) -Use the @Genesys's v1.02b loader option 3615xs version from the Polanskiman article "Tutorial: Install/Migrate DSM 5.2 to 6.1.x (Jun's loader)" -I used win32diskimager, but I'm sure others will work just as well. For me it works like a dream now. Good luck.
  2. Never mind, I've finally found it.
  3. Dear All, I've only just discovered Xpenology, and really like it as an alternative to an actual synology device. I was thinking of using an old DC7900 with e8500 CPU, which worked perfectly in combination with XPEnoboot and DSM 5.2. In the forum though I read that several persons were also able to update to DSM 6.1.4, For the last 2 weeks I've been trying many many things, but just do not seem to be able to get this to work. Always the dreaded blinking cursor in the left top corner. I've read many of the articles on this forum mentioning the DC7900, or explaining about updating from DSM 5.2 to DSM 6.0/6.1, to no avail to date. I understand that Juns creations obviously don't work because of the lack of UEFI in the DC7900. I tried the Genesys versions but no go there to. I saw that a person called QuickNick was apparently back after a long time with a new attempt, but no go there too. I've tried different USB stick, different applications to write the image to USB stick, still no go. I saw a post from a person called Hemant whom literally writes that he was able to update his DSM 5.2 to 6.1 on a DC7900. His only hint though was to use the other loader on the top of the page, but not which one. Maybe I'm just to dumb, but I really couldn't find it. -Can someone please help me in getting, or recreating, the correct loader to be used in combination with a DC7900 for DSM 6.1? I would be really really really really really gratefull for any helps or tips. Thanks and best regards,