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  1. I know this post, I just asked about dir /dev/dri, because on 7100u it doesn't exist, it's very nice to know that on i5-7400 exist.
  2. Can You tell us what do You have using "cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf" and does /dev/dri exists in Your instalation ??
  3. So looking at 59dine hardware with i5-7400 its HD 630 Graphics with PID 5912 also suported since 4.5-4.7 and working with this I'm not sure that the problem is cooperating with this.
  4. Try some of http://jell.yfish.us starting with jellyfish-120-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit.mkv120
  5. One more progress Videostation can play Highbitrate 80 Mbps h264 4k HDR file in mp4 format 3-9b% CPU, I will try extract from mkv only video and check it
  6. Main is HD 620 with vid 8086, pid 5916 supported since 4.5-4.7 For test I downloaded to photo station mp4 4K hevc file and it's still making transcoding with 96 % CPU usage
  7. Ok small progress activation.conf - {"success":true,"activated_codec":["h264_dec","h264_enc","mpeg4part2_dec","hevc_dec","aac_dec","aac_enc","ac3_dec","vc1_dec","vc1_enc"],"token":"4d4948dee9505182466289153c23c279"} /dev/dri - doesn't exist On Videostation only h.264 work, HEVC does not. On HEVC transcoding offline the same - operation failed ( nothing more just this )
  8. I make another installation using extra.lzma and serial from DS2419+, still the same: cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf: No such file or directory Videostation - didn't start playing wideo Transcoding offline - gives operation failed Plex - HEVC 10bit Transcoding CPU 100 % no HW
  9. But it's completely new installation from scratch. My HP Gen8 still working separately, I didn't move anything from old one.
  10. Halo, again Olegin > any idea that I'm missing /dev/dri folder and cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf file ?? HW Transcoding doesn't work obviously. 1.04b / DSM_DS918+_23739.pat08-Jul-2018 23:16 252M ( from Syno website ) CPU i3-7100u (GPU HD620) Video Station Installed Multimedia Server Installed Real SN / Mac What can I do more ?? I have only one network card so far i219v working very good.
  11. Helo everyone, I have worked very well old HP Gen8 1265L V3, but there isn't hardware h265 encoding / decoding. So I decide to built new super energy saving and at least handle 3 transcoded streams 4k 10 bit h265 to 4k h265. As usual the price is important. So I bought: Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E557 ( Laptop ) for 200 Euros CPU Intel i3 7100U Integrated HD Graphics 620 (Execution Units24) ( J4105 only 12 Units, J5005 - 18 Units ) Intel i219V 4 GB ( will expand to 8GB when it's done) (HD Graphics in Plex should handled 3-5 streams transcoding 4k h265 main10 to 4k h