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  1. @bearcat Thanks bearcat, sorry was away, will attempt this week for a re-install base on your advice.. 1. In regards to the MTU, i did adjust it at the same settings page, however the settings do not apply after I close out/reopen the settings page, or on reboot. ( i will try to re-install to see if it sticks) 2. as for my local network setup, I currently do not have a router yet (only a 4G wifi modem), planning on getting one soon. Am just directly connecting to either my windows 10 PC which works fine (can share internet) but on Mac os X if i connect directly , I have to disable my wifi/internet . will report back on my new attempt. Cheers.
  2. @bearcat Ok i just did a re-install. i have searched the forumn but there is no guide on how to do a clean fresh install? below is what i did: 1. I reflash a new bootloader without extra.lzma. 2. booted it up, selected option 2 force re-install 3. synology only offer to migrate or just reinstall ( data intact) 4, once completed. notice the following error: a. Cannot update to 6.1.7 update 3. (build info does not show that it has been updated to update 3 pack but previous installation did) b. MTU seems to be hard codded and cannot be change. Please advise on how to do a clean full re-install ( i do not mind losing data for now).
  3. @bearcat 1. I did a fresh install of dsm Version: 6.1.7-15284-1 then updated just once (the latest critical security patch) so it is now Version: 6.1.7-15284-3) [Let me know if the above i did is correct before i do a fresh re-install] 2. Ok will remove the graphic card. 3. Set all your HDD's to AHCI. [I shall double check my bios on this, but I believe they are in AHCI mode as I flash a custom bios , and enable "load optimal defaults" , and disable CE1 ] 4. Yup grub file had vid,pid, S/N, and mac address configured. 5. AFP is enabled on default when i check on the NAS. 6. The default MTU value on my NAS is shown as 2000.(greyed out, unless i manually tick to change it) For windows im unsure of the MTU, but for MAC OS X, i noticed that default mtu is 1500, i changed it to match the NAS at 2000 . It seems that the NAS NTU, when i change the settings, it wont stick/remain. [any thoughts about this? or am I required to use cmd line to change the mtu? ] 7. For the MAC OS X connectivity issue, I found out that: If i make a NAS direct connection to my macbook pro, if wifi is enabled, i am unable to find it the nas (whether i set dhcp or fix ip on the nas). however once i disabled my wifi, i am able to see the NAS [regardless whether firewall and internet sharing is enabled] [ found this behaviour weird and synology and mac forumns do not seem to have an answer unless you use a router]
  4. I thought it is required as it comes with tg3 (broadcom driver) I think i might have gotten confuse myself on the ipconfig thing It does indeed seems stable, however I just found out an issue today whereby I am unable to find the nas via direct connection on mac os x el capitan (using web base find.synology or synology assistant app ) , even setting the IP address on the NAS does not seem to work. However direct connection via windows 10 seems fine tho. Just to add: 1. while debugging on why my mac os x could not see the nas via direct connection (i have tried disabling firewall on both nas, and mac , no go) (i have ensure that the mac, and nas IP are within the same subnet, no go, windows 10 seems fine) (i tried changing the MTU on the NAS as i notice it wasn't the same value as the mac , noticed that i could not change/settings does not stick)
  5. Ah I see, may I know what DSM version you're running now and any custom drivers you're using?
  6. Sorry, I should rephrase the 3rd question. doesn't work, and luckily i found the IP of the NAS via ipconfig (windows cmd line). Are you running dsm 6.2 by any chance on a HP gen 7 microserver?
  7. Hi, new to the xpenology community, Just recently installed DSM 6.1.7 using 1. Jun's 1.02b loader 2. ds3615xs pat file. 3. On a modded HP N40L bios (kamzata) 4. Using extra.lzma that is link in the tutorial I have successfully installed and it works fine however I noticed 1. alot of drivers missing when I run lspci. 2. transfer speed via usb2.0 (yes I understand usb 2.0 transfer speed is slow, however I should theoretically get about 80% of 480Mbit/s (60MB/s) however I am obtaining transfer speed around 29-20 MB/s) 3. findsynology won't work, have to use ipconfig /all to obtain its IP (on windows as i have it directly connected at the moment to windows) In regards to my machine, the only add ons are a pcie graphinc card by radeon (HP stock) which is not detected by synology. Is there any side effects from missing drivers ? I have tried searching the forumn but everyone says their HP microserver seems to work, hopefully someone can advise. I wouldn't mind downgrading to DSM 6.0 or 5.2 if that is more stable in the long run and future proof? I have attached a detail and a summary of the list of drivers currently my synology is seeing.