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  1. Thank you so much. that's gold it should be in a sticky post
  2. Hi. sorry for my noobie question I'm planning to install xpenology to a brand new machine, just ordered all components. I'm reading instructions and found out they are for windows, also found utilities for windows. I don't have a window pc so can I use my macbook to create the boot usb pendrive? Can someone point me to a mac guide? I'm sorry i've tryed the search but i found no results thanks
  3. Hi i'm Dave, glad to join I have a synology NAS DS214play and since I want upgrade it I've ordered: i3 8100T + noctua 9Li fan Asrock H370M-ITX/ac microstar 721 case 16GB Ram 2 x WD red 4TB (+ 2 WD Red 4TB i have in my previous NAS) 1 x 240GB M.2 drive nice to meet you