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  1. I answer myself, just in case someone else found it useful: I've transfer the most critical data over LAN, mounting the old NAS folders via CIFS After that I moved the old HDDs into the new NAS and magically they appear immediately available in the storage pool 2. So I can transfer the remaining files internally. Then I wiped the old HDDs and added to the storage pool 1. Knowing that I could have done it much faster.
  2. Yes it's done! my new NAS is ready (after almost 2 months to get all components). CPU: I had to cancel the i3-8100T after 2 months of delay, I've bought a Pentium Gold 5600 intead FAN: noctua NH-L9i CASE: supermicro sc721, it comes with the power supply MOBO: asrock H370M-ITXac RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 2666 HD: 4 WD RED 4TB (2 new + 2 from old NAS) + M2.2280 240GB I had 3 pains: first one the CPU, I was not able to found the i3-8100T (or any else Tray) anywhere, I've ordered from a trusted online shop with a 2 weeks delivery that instead was delayed several times to almost 2 months. Then the mobo and power-supply comes with not compatible connectors, I had to buy some adaptor cables. Lastly: I bought the M2 drive for mistake, I tryed to cancel the order but it was shipped the same day 😳, well at that time I decided to use it anyway, the MOBO comes with 6 sata and a M2 connector but the second sata was not working. then I discovered that the second sata is disabled when used with a M2 drive 😳😳😳 it's written in the mobo manual, so it's not a bug but a feature. So i remove the M2 drive and trying to sell it. The return policy says I can return in 30 days but 2 since it takes months from the M2 drive and the CPU I lost this opportunity. The same happens with the noctua FAN, that was delivered immediately. But now I have my new shiny NAS with Xpenology ready to transfer my data from my old synology NAS. I'm moving files over LAN. It's taking ages, do you think I can just remove HDDs from my old NAS and plug into the new NAS without losing files? the old ones are not in SHR, while in the new one I'd like to use SHR. If it could be possible it would be great. Last but not least: I'm looking for a great name for my new box. the old one was "blackbox", and I love it, now I'm in real struggle to find the right name
  3. Thank you so much. that's gold it should be in a sticky post
  4. Hi. sorry for my noobie question I'm planning to install xpenology to a brand new machine, just ordered all components. I'm reading instructions and found out they are for windows, also found utilities for windows. I don't have a window pc so can I use my macbook to create the boot usb pendrive? Can someone point me to a mac guide? I'm sorry i've tryed the search but i found no results thanks
  5. Hi i'm Dave, glad to join I have a synology NAS DS214play and since I want upgrade it I've ordered: i3 8100T + noctua 9Li fan Asrock H370M-ITX/ac microstar 721 case 16GB Ram 2 x WD red 4TB (+ 2 WD Red 4TB i have in my previous NAS) 1 x 240GB M.2 drive nice to meet you