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  1. Are you using patches that all ready was here from @Vir-US?
  2. Я уже проверил, что DVA3219 не может использоваться, и ответ НЕТ - SS для 3219 не может использоваться, так как для этого требуются определенные драйверы NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, которые находятся именно в файле PAT для 3219 и для установки нашего файла PAT 3219 нужен новый bootloader, который, я сомневаюсь, выйдет специально для 3219
  3. Я согласен с вами, что это не удобно, но в крайнем случае это будет некоторый вариант, потому что другой вариант состоит в том, чтобы заблокировать SS от отправки информации по сети.
  4. И не поможет ли в этом случае перезапуск СС каждые 2 часа? Как и в случае с бомбой замедленного действия в предыдущей версии ... перезапуск СС, 4 раза в день и никаких проблем.
  5. Несколько лет назад кто-то опубликовал объяснение стартапа, но я не уверен, что это может помочь сейчас. Это все еще старо, но если это может помочь, вот оно: // Synology surveillance station license key generator // // update address of GenerateKey symbol in // nm -D /var/packages/SurveillanceStation/target/lib/ | grep GenerateKey // // install gcc on synology machine: // ipkg install crosstool-native optware-devel // // compile by calling: // g++ synogen.cpp -ldl -o synogen // // run: // ./synogen // // Do not misuse this tool, use it only for testing purposes and then delete the // key from your machine. // // How does this tool work? After entering license key in Key manager, disk station calls // function VerifyKey from to validate new key. Every key is composed from // 4 bits determining how many cameras will be activated (1, 4, 8), unique 32 bit key and // remaining part of the sequence is just SHA1 hash of the previous part. Binary value of // this block is encoded into human readable form using this alphabet: 'BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789' // Unique 32 bit number is in range <15000000, 20000000> for normal license or in range // <20000000, 20100000> for trial key. Every license is also sent with your diskstation // serial number to synology servers ( to verify whether someone // is not already using this key. // // Some engineer at synology forgot to remove function GenerateKey from the library // which takes two numbers (camera count and unique id) and generates the string with license key. // This is pretty funny fail from synology side, so instead of reverse engineering all the // bit manipulation done in VerifyKey function, we just call GenerateKey(8, random number, strCode) // to get valid activation code for 8 cameras. The GenerateKey function is not exported and cannot // be loaded using dlsym, but due to benefits of ELF shared objects and wrong linker configuration // we can determine the function's offset by calling nm -D command. This code was tested on // PowerPc based diskstations, but I have found function with the same name also on x86 synology // machine. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <dlfcn.h> #include <link.h> const int nGenerateKeyRelativeAddr = 0x537dc; int main() { std::cout << "Synology license key generator by" << std::endl; std::string arr[] = { "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "/var/packages/SurveillanceStation/target/lib/" }; typedef void (*TGenerateKey)(int, int, std::string &); TGenerateKey GenerateKey; void* handle; for (int i=0; i<sizeof(arr)/sizeof(arr[0]); i++) { std::cout << "Loading library=" << arr << "..."; handle = dlopen (arr.c_str(), RTLD_NOW | RTLD_GLOBAL); if (!handle) { std::cout << " Error" << std::endl; fputs (dlerror(), stderr); return 1; } std::cout << " Ok." << std::endl; } struct link_map *lm = (struct link_map*) handle; GenerateKey = (TGenerateKey)(lm->l_addr + nGenerateKeyRelativeAddr); for (int i=0; i<100; i++) { int nCameras = 8; int nKeyMin = 15000000; int nKeyMax = 20000000; int nKeyMaxTrial = 20100000; int nKey = nKeyMin + (rand() & 0xffff); std::string str; (*GenerateKey)(nKey, nCameras, str); std::cout << " Key = " << str << std::endl; } return 0; }
  6. Камер 67 и у меня уже, но через 2 часа сервис останавливается и не идет, сейчас ставлю новый libssutils, и скажу через 2 часа
  7. @The Chief I'm testing right now with 9 cameras and everything seems to be working correctly on my side. I'll report for Time Bomb and even I'll try to patch with your patcher new spk for DVA3219, just to see if there is Deep Video Analisys Meanwhile here is patched SPK, ready for install
  8. Meanwhile, I was thinking to split new functions of new 8.6.2-6009 with old patched file that @montagnic share before long time ago. The system is working absolutely perfect, but there is a problem with patched SS - if there is a problem with setup of cameras we need to reinstall all of the cameras manually, because backup of cofigururation inside SS is not working... it is working only for 2 cameras, because it is not patched.... and we don't expect this off course. But if I can change this I'll inform you as well to get new SPK. For a Peapoles that cannot use terminal commands to change the version I'll upload my "SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.2.6-6009.spk" - and this is not this version - it's just cheat to get new Device Pack inside your Surveillance Station, but it's still old version Я прекрасно понимаю русский язык, но к сожалению, не говорю на нем 25 лет - извините за английский, который я пишу
  9. @montagnic Actually, there is a updates with device packs, for a lot new cameras. And actually there is a way to get them free. I was do it today wit a little change of SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.2.2-5766.spk file. You need to extract this spk with: tar -xvf SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.2.2-5766.spk after extraction delete SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.2.2-5766.spk You will find a file called "INFO" Edit this file with text editor and find section version=“8.2.2-5766” Change it to: version="8.2.6-6009" and save file. Again in terminal pack new SPK as follows: You must be inside directory where is INFO file - run this: tar -cvf SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.2.6-6009.spk * And voila - you have new SPK - just update it drom DSM, and inside SurveillanceStation just go to Applications and update Device Pack